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ServiceNow: Unique Cloud Platform for efficient Workflows

The ICS Group and ServiceNow seal a strategic partnership to bundle the competences of both companies in digitization of big and mid-sized companies. ServiceNow provides an unique Cloud-Platform to show workflows for e. g. customer service, security operatios and HR in real-time. The ICS Group provides with its process competence and multinational service desk in Berlin efficient solutions for the digital transformation, that can be scaled fast.

ServiceNow Express: The attractive Entry Solution for integrated Workflow Management

ServiceNow Express is the economic enterprise solution for medium-sized enterprises and integrates already in the standard version a completley set of IT service management applications.

ServiceNow Express puts you in a position to distribute work efficiently, to do and if necessary to escalate it - over deparement borders and locations. With ServiceNow Express you can measure the productivity of your team and monitor the valuation of your services at any time.

Are you interested? Then secure now a cost-free demo version to test ServiceNow in detail. Use our web contact form or contact us by phone or email.

Phone 0800 0833844  or Email info@ics-group.eu


ServiceNow Express – Standard Functions:

  • Incident, Problem, Change and Request Management
  • Asset Management inclusive Discovery, Tracking and individueller Konfiguration
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Knowledge Database
  • Reports and Dashboards
Now test ServiceNow Express for free!

Review LogiMAT 2017

We are looking back with you to LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart from 14 to 16 March. Like the organiser was excited to achieve 50,000 visitors, the ICS Group we are also pleased about the high interest at their fair booth.

The fair proves that the digital change moves the logistics! Experience (again), how tailor-made digitization optimize your supply chain. Immerse for that into our virtual fair booth, which we present for the first time as a VR application. 

Start now the journey to the future with your LogiMAT Review.
We wish you a lot of enjoyment.


Tailor-made Digitization

In this 3D animation we show, how the ICS Group optimize as an provider of individual process analysis, consulting and solution concepts your value chain. We support you with innovative business process optimizations in the fields of production, logistics, service, supply chain management and collaboration processes. 

Our goal is, to choose the right tools from the ICS Group (infrastructure, automation, software and services) to concept and realize "Supply Chain Excellence".

On the basis of examples from the practice, we can show the development of "Supply Chain Excellence" with this animation: Customer and supplier data will be connected and with other factors, which influence the company, intelligent combined. So "Advanced Analytics" arise - bases for the strategical, tactical and operative decision, which optimize your production and supply chain. You will maximize your profit and improve your market position.

ICS Group is one of the winners of the Telematik Award 2016

More than 215 viewers visit the second largest event of the IAA commercial vehicle - the presentation of the Telematik Award 2016. They followed highly anticipated the announcement of the 13 winner Telematik solutions and got new recognitions in the panel discussion "From the storage to subcontractor to the customer - the fully connected supply chain" of topics like supply chain, telematic start-ups and autonomic driving. 

The ICS Group won a price for its 4mobile Business Smartwatch solution and is so one of the happy thirteen winners of 256 filings. 

Innovative Business Smartwatch

Provider in production, logistics, sale and service will be able to manage data mobile and hands-free - completley self-sufficient without using any other hardware. For that you just have to wear a powerful Android Smartwatch in industry standard with mobil communications and WLAN. The mobile dialogues on the touchdisplay be made by the integrated business app "4mobile".

Because of the high flexible mobile business framework of the software customized mobile transactions can be made without a great effort. Connected to IT systems like SAP® ERP, Stradivari® WMS or service platform ServiceNow®, the 4mobile Business Smartwatch will become the economic alternative for data management with classic handhelds / tablets.

Industry 4.0 – the Future of the Supply Chain

Digitization and automation in the entire logistics chain.

How do supply-chain processes look like in the industry 4.0 era?

The editorial staff of Trend Report, a business magazine and supplement of the prestigious financial newspaper Handelsblatt, spoke with Lars Schmermbeck, Regional Channel Manager DACH Region at ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES, and Hans-Jörg Tittlbach, ICS Group CEO, about future value chains. The following interview was published on 26 October 2015 in the Handelsblatt/Trend Report.


Hans-Jörg Tittlbach, CEO ICS Group
Hans-Jörg Tittlbach, CEO ICS Group

All experts agree that Industry 4.0 will change logistics. Mr. Tittlbach, what is a logistics process in the Industry 4.0 era?
Hans-Jörg Tittlbach: Logistics in the age of industry 4.0 is essentially based on dynamic, autonomous processes with smart shipments and load carriers. Let me show this with the example of a package that is shipped to a customer. The package is equipped with intelligence; it knows where it is and recognizes independently delays in the shipment process. It communicates its status to the back office and ERP system, like our Stradivari software. In the event of a delay, it is able to trigger redundant process that redirects the package to alternative routes or shipping options – without human intervention. In important cases, for example, a replacement package is sent on its way.

What are the concrete benefits of self-controlling processes?
Tittlbach: Through improved transparency and control, in-time and on-demand will work much better than today. Back to our package: The recipient will not only know the date of delivery, but also the time window. Second and third delivery attempts no longer occur, since the recipient can decide when and where to receive the package. These are processes that are in theory already available today.

Do you want to learn more about industry 4.0?

Read the whole interview here.

Lars Schmermbeck, Regional Channel Manager DACH Region at Zebra Technologies
Lars Schmermbeck, Regional Channel Manager DACH Region at Zebra Technologies
Read the interview in ePaper

Mobile Device Management in Industry and Logistics

Proactive Use – Making the Most of Automation

The requirements for mobile device management in industrial and logistics application differ from those in sales or controlling. Professional and standardized solutions are needed that reflect specific industrial requirements for the support business processes.

In manufacturing companies, BYOD plays a subordinate role. Instead, it is essential to significantly improve productivity and availability metrics in the company when using mobile devices. This is enabled by the proactive management of an heterogeneous infrastructure with industrial terminals, such as vehicle terminals, tablets, scanners, etc.

Read on and learn more about
Mobile Device Management.

Mobile Device Management

Customer Magazine: hotspot

Up-to-date with hotspot

HotSpots are mainly found in train stations, airports, cafés, beer gardens and public institutions. The ICS hotspot comes to you by mail or email. Twice a year, ICS sends its customer magazine to business partners and friends. The magazine features new products, current projects, and lots of interesting news about ICS and the Auto-ID market. The hotspot magazine keeps you in touch and makes you the first to know about special promotions.

Below  you will find the latest editions of hotspot to download. You want to get the hotspot by mail? We will be happy to regularly send you a copy. Simply free register by mail. Do you have questions, comments or criticism?  Our editorial staff welcomes your feedback at hotspot@ics-ident.de.

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