Intelligent Collaborative Solutions.

The ICS Group is a leading solution provider for the digitalization and automation of business processes in the supply chain - end-to-end. We support our customers holistically with analysis, consulting, conception, software, hardware, integration and managed services from a single source.

With more than 30 years of project expertise, which extends internationally across all industries and company sizes, ICS is able to quickly and reliably realize individual process optimization. Our specialists bundle components from individual products to IT operations management and provide solutions for every business model.

Intelligent Collaborative Solutions.


ICS Group Competence Center

Tailor-Made Solutions for your Supply Chain

Stradivari® WMS optimizes your logistics processes.

With Stradivari® WMS you optimize your logistics processes.

Key Benefits

  • Acceleration of processes
  • Real-time transparency
  • Higher storage capacity
  • Optimized warehouse throughput
  • Optimization of distances
  • Fast order execution
  • Inventory reduction
4mobile – Platform for Mobile Processes

4mobile – Platform for Mobile Processes

Key Benefits

  • Digital order management
  • Proactive process planning
  • Effective controlling
  • Seamless IT connection
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Optimal inventory level
  • High service transparency and quality
IoT Solutions and Remote Services for comprehensive Remote Work in medium-sized Businesses.

Remote Work Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Remote control of business processes.
  • Monitor, control and prioritize the flow of goods.
  • Multimedia-based real-time collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Worldwide access to machine and environment data.


Supply Chain and Omnichannel-Logistics in Real-Time



  • Work in progress (WIP)
  • Dynamic replenishment
  • Container management
  • Automated identification
  • Industrial robots and cobots

Android Mobility

  • Selection & strategy: Android-OS platform, hard- & software
  • Development of Android applications
  • Transformation of existing applications
  • MDM - Mobile device management
  • Strategy >> Implementation >> Live operation

Trade logistics and store delivery

  • Technical couriers / Logistics service providers
  • Mobile order processing
  • Shelf management
  • Digital document management
  • Returns management
  • Reverse logistics

POS solutions for retail

  • Digital sales assistants
  • Inventory solutions
  • Service robots
  • Omnichannel/E-Commerce solutions
  • POS smart services
  • POS technologies

Planning & control

  • Acting Analytics / Business Intelligence
  • Advanced planning & scheduling (APS)
  • Global track & trace
  • Managed Services / Business Management
  • e-Mobility infrastructures
  • Process simulation

Storage/relocation/order picking

  • Real-time control
  • Voice processing
  • Transport control systems / Stacker control systems
  • Dynamic prioritization
  • Path and route optimization

Quality assurance

  • Business video intelligence
  • Picture and video documentation
  • Mobile test processes
  • Digital test pattern control
  • Quality management

Goods receipt

  • Geo-Fencing
  • Yard Management
  • Simultaneous barcode reading
  • RFID gates
  • Real-time transparency

Mobile solutions in transport logistics

  • Real-time disposition
  • Automated shipping notifications
  • ETA - Estimated time on arrival
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Telematics and ECO Driving
  • Container and returns management

Goods issue and shipping

  • Shipping planning
  • Intelligent packaging
  • Loading control
  • Shipping documentation
  • Track & Trace
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We are the Supply Chain Architects.




We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects. We are the Supply Chain Architects.

Logos used are the property of their respective owners.

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