Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

When moving Ideas become innovative Products.  

As a company active in the automotive industry, you are continuously developing innovative ideas and delivering highest quality. For your customers, interactive intelligent networks are an important priority, as are environmentally friendly means of transport.

Your goal is to develop and offer products that not only meet technical requirements, but also inspire. To achieve this, you need strong partners who will support you from the very beginning right through to after-sales service.


More Transparency and Security Through Optimized Processes

Automotive Industry


Ensuring quality through proactive
intervention during batch production

Automotive Industry

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers

Add customer value with intelligent IT networks

Automotive Industry

Vehicle Manufacturers

Enable just-in-sequence production
and reduce inventory costs

Automotive Industry

Spare Part Dealers

Rapid spare parts supply through
optimum replenishment

Automotive Industry


Increased quality through
standardized repair services

Automotive Industry


Facilitate mobility by developing
the charging infrastructure


Quick links to selected solutions & services for the automotive industry

Automotive Industry

IoT Platform SCM Networker

Execute and monitor multi-step production processes safely and stably.

Automotive Industry

ICS BI-EXecution

Acting Analytics: Planning, control and optimization of your production lines in real-time.

Automotive Industry

4mobile Service

Mobile IT service management solution for completely digital processing of service orders.


Our Customers (excerpt)


„Thanks to the optimized incoming goods department, we save 19 hours a day just at the incoming goods department. We see required goods faster in the system and show better customer proximity in delivery.“


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