GDPR-Compliant Contact Tracking   

GDPR-Compliant Contact Tracking   

& Social Distancing Warning Device


Contact tracking & social distancing warning device ✔  Immediate plug & play use ✔  GDPR-compliant ✔ 

In times of a corona pandemic, seamless contact tracking is of fundamental importance to break possible chains of infection, protect employees from health risks and, in addition, to protect company locations from large-scale quarantine measures.

With the ICS Corona Contact Tracker, a smart plug & play complete solution for your company, you can securely and automatically track the in-house contacts of your staff within the last 14 days. In case of illness symptoms of an employee, you can take proactive protective measures.

Corona Contact Tracker

In addition, the tracker acts as a social distance warning system and emits an acoustic warning signal if the recommended safety distance between people is less than 1,5m.

The ICS solution is the suitable "Corona App" for companies, with which you can work transparently, securely and in compliance with data protection regulations - without recourse to additional hardware and IT such as smartphones and the Internet.

Learn, before the current background, why the Corona-Warn-APP (RKI) does not help in companies. Download information flyer now.


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Your advantages:

  • Seamless contact tracking within the company
  • Proactive health protection for employees and third parties
  • Immediately Plug & Play ready to go
  • Maintenance of the productive operation
  • Avoidance of extensive quarantine measures

ICS Corona Tracker Badge

ICS Corona Tracker Badge

Operating principle: Wireless proximity sensor with logging function and alarm
Radio protocol: IEEE 802.15.4
Transmission frequency | transmission strength: 2.4 GHz ISM band (channel 26) | +4dBm / 2.5mW
Power supply: integrated Li-Ion battery, 500mAh
Charging time | battery life: Approx. 2 hours at 5V / approx. 7 days (for standard use)
Feedback: 3-colour LED, audio signal, buzzer (optional)
Data storage: 1,000 contacts for 14 days
Dimensions | weight | protection class: 82(H)x51(W)x21(D)mm | 55g | IP42
Temperature range: Operating temperature -20 to +60°C; charging 0 to +45°C
Conformity: CE compliant (RED directive) for use in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey

Readout Software

Readout Software

Scope of delivery:

  • Wireless tracker with 1x USB charging cable each (30 cm)
  • 1x PC software (local, no Internet access necessary)
  • Optional: 1x 2D barcode scanner

System requirements:

  • PC with Windows 7/10, MacOS or Linux
  • MacOS/Linux: installed OpenJDK 11 or higher or.OracleJDK 11 or higher
  • x86/AMD64 CPU from 1GHz, min. 1GB RAM, 100MB free disk space


The solution helps to ensure that your employees can work safely in Covid-19 times, while at the same time taking employee concerns seriously and minimizing potential business losses in the event of an infection.

If an employee with Corona should call in sick, all you have to do is read out their password-protected tracker and you will receive the contact list of the last 14 days – thus the potential chain of infection. Companies can then even decide whether they want to investigate another potential infection level (2nd level, contacts of contacts). Instead of closing entire departments, areas or even sites, the relevant employees can then be subjected to a corona test or quarantined according to the contact list.

A smartphone-based solution ("Corona-App") may be sufficient on a state or federal level, but it contains too many gaps for a company. Some employees do not have a smartphone, others have Bluetooth disabled and many have legitimate fears because they do not know what data could still be collected from the phone (data protection). The use of data from the "official" Corona-App is already not possible for companies due to data protection.
Yes, if you want to read out the trackers decentrally at several locations or branches, you can order additional licenses and readout devices. Per 1.000 trackers, 1 readout set is always included in the price.
Events and contacts are only stored locally on the tracker for 14 days. However, the tracker itself does not store any employee information, but only a tracker ID, which is then linked to the employee data (if necessary by the works council itself) in the downstream system and can be read out with a password.
The warranty on the tracker and the battery is 12 months from delivery.
There is a service address (repair center). During the first 12 months, defective hardware is repaired or replaced free of charge. For short-term replacement, we recommend a buffer via replacement units on site. Due to the design of the tracker, just a very few failures are to be expected.
Due to the design principle, the use of proven standard components and industrial production in Germany, a loss of data without mechanical damage can be almost excluded.

1.) Around the neck by lanyard.

Corona Contact Tracker mit Lanyard am Poloshirt

2.) At the shirt or polo pocket by badge clip.

Corona Contact Tracker mit Lanyard am Poloshirt

3.) With a badge clip on the trouser belt.

Corona Contact Tracker mit Lanyard am Poloshirt

ICS Managed Services

Depending on your requirements and wishes, we offer you the ICS Corona Contact Tracker in an individual Managed Service Package. This will relieve the strain on your valuable IT resources, minimize your investment risk, benefit from permanent IT security and achieve a reduction in the total cost of ownership through framework agreements.

On request, we can manage, control and maintain your IT - either modularly or completely, from staging and hardware replacement, remote management and 24/7 service desk (multilingual), to complete lifecycle service.

The ICS Group is your leading specialist for Supply Chain Managed Services in the field of digitalization and automation.

Information flyer - Why Germany's Corona-Warn-App (RKI) does not help in companies!

Download information flyer now.


With the ICS Corona Contact Tracker, you support measures to interrupt chains of infection, as well as to maintain productive operation and provide proactive health protection in your company.

Smart and GDPR Compliant Technology

At its core, the solution is based on a radio-based proximity sensor with alarm function. The small tracker (similar to an employee badge) registers other trackers in its immediate vicinity by radio and emits a warning signal if the distance of 1.5 meters is undershot for at least 20 seconds. Thus, the tracker provides active assistance in complying with the worldwide valid Social Distancing recommendations.

In addition, the events/contacts are stored locally on the tracker for 14 days and can be read out by authorized persons via standard app (local on PC, offline). The tracker itself does not store any employee information, only a tracker ID, which is linked to the employee data in the downstream system and can be read out.

Corona Contact Tracker
Radio proximity senor
Corona Contact Tracker
Lokal desktop app
Corona Contact Tracker
Logging function

I would like to introduce you to the Corona Contact Tracker.

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