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ICS BI-EXecution

Unique Acting Analytics Platform

"Collecting data is good, evaluating data in a targeted manner and using it efficiently in day-to-day business is better."

Big Data - Resource of the 21st century - Opportunities for the mid tier

One in five companies in Germany collects an above-average amount of data.

Advanced / Acting Analytics, which are called "Big Data Analytics" in the narrower sense, are currently only used rudimentarily in companies.

81% of the companies see the use of Big Data, already today or in the next 5 years, of central importance.

According to the almost unanimous opinion of the companies surveyed, the more intensive use of data will significantly change all sectors. A quarter of companies are already noticing the effects of this upheaval, and four out of ten companies expect this to lead to far-reaching changes in their respective sectors in the medium term.

Smart-Data users demonstrate how it works: They use Big Data beyond optimizing their business model, analyze the data in a targeted manner and evaluate it intelligently.

Advantages of the systematic use of digital data
Figures in %, multiple answers possible, total sample n = 2004 (source Commerzbank 2018)

Figures in %, multiple answers possible, total sample n = 2004 (source Commerzbank 2018)

Where can ICS BI-EXecution offer a real added-value for companies?

The BI-EXecution platform makes it possible to support data-based company-wide decision-making processes and/or to further develop business models that go beyond the optimizations used today. Based on all your company data, BI-EXecution delvers in real time:

- what could happen

- how to act

that an event (does not) occur, until the (partially) automated implementation of the best procedure. This results in massive improvements in order acquisition, delivery capability, inventory portfolio, delivery reliability, profitability and customer satisfaction. Tried and tested "scenario-based templates" are specially adapted to your requirements. Self-learning algorithms (AI) continuously optimize and improve the results, even in parts of the company.

The Application Fields of ICS BI-EXecution

DP - Demand Planning
MRO - Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Planning
IP - Inventory Planning & Management
CP - Capacity Planning
S & OP - Sales & Operation Planning
APS - Advanced Planning & Scheduling
WMP - Workforce Management Planning
bPort - Business Analysis & Reporting
Other Application Fields

Scenario-based Planning and Optimization in real-time

ICS BI-EXecution as Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) offers you more efficient and flexible production planning and control in your company.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) systems, also known as Supply Chain Planning (SCP) systems, are decision-supporting software applications used by companies to improve supply chain performance.

In contrast to traditional production control systems, which generally only offer rigid optimizations, we are already able to make decisions and optimizations automatically and flexibly by using highly intelligent systems and thus achieve the desired success as an equal effect.

Real-time AI-based results deliver much greater value than traditional systems.

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Your Key Benefits 

  System-supported KPI control

  Significant increase of EBIT

  Automated process control

  Reduced supply chain costs

  Increase of delivery capability

  Increase of production readiness

  Real "What-if-scenarios"

Smart User Interface - Open system connection

ICS BI-EXecution guarantees an open system connection including mobile devices thanks to Smart User Interface. The digitization platform aggregates data from all relevant and individually desired internal and external digital information carriers - without changing the existing IT architecture.


Tailor-made Digitization in the Supply Chain

Why ICS?

The ICS Group offers more than 30 years of experience in the area of supply chain and process optimization for your company.

Let us discuss the new opportunities for your company in a personal conversation with regard to the use of highly intelligent systems.

Know today how you have to act tomorrow to react to changing market situations, reduce costs, increase EBIT and optimize and increase your competitiveness.

Phone +49 800 0833844  or E-Mail info@ics-group.eu

5 Good Reasons for ICS

  • Digitization solutions for every business model
  • Consulting, conception, software, hardware, integration, services - from one hand
  • Integrated IT service management (multilingual service desk, authorized repair center, international field service)
  • Extensive expertise (+4.500 realized projects)
  • Business partner of worldwide leading manufacturers
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