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CARE Labeling & Marking

Operator Model for highly available Marking Processes

Reliable customized Marking

With CARE Labeling & Marking ICS provides you a flexible operator solution for marking of pallets and carriers - demand-oriented, highly available and seamless line integrated. After individual analysis and conception ICS will install and operate your custom-fit labeling system with sensors, peripheral IT hardware, control software, consumables, preventive services and 24/7 monitoring. You receive and use immediately available industry technology on base of a monthly pay.

This fixed price is guaranteed for the whole contract term without any price adjustments. Investments for the fixed assets and amortisations will be completley dropped. As a consequence your EBIT will increase. This solution is optimal suitable to replace previous marking systems by latest state-of-the-art-technologies and to benefit from networked process automation.

Your Key Benefits


Optimized TCO
No plant investments

Shortening of the Balance Sheet
No amortisations

EBIT Increase
Process efficiency at a fixed price


Long-term optimized marking process

Work Efficiency
Discharge of employee resources

Concentration on core business


Use of networked industry technology

Highest availability of your systems

Process Safety
Highest flexibility in case of changes

Smart Marking in the Age of Industry

By the elimination of investments you have capital, which you can use to digitize and to automate further processes in your supply chain. The operator model is espescially interesting, if you have a high marking requirement, own several locations and your processes are complete networked. 

to data sheet

"Thanks to reliable solution of ICS we can pay demand-oriented for our marking requirements. We have a scalable process and we could reduce our fix costs.“

Your Scope of CARE Labeling & Marking

Installation & Configuration

Proactive Monitoring

Software Interface

(Proactive) Service Desk

Replenishment Control

Technology Access by App

Marking without Stillstand and Worries!

CARE Labeling & Marking works in the background of your marking process and communicates over your web service about condition data and consumption data to the central and protected CARE portal. Over the belonging web interface the automated data processing, the monitoring and the trigger for defined routines will be made. On-site services like maintenances will be managed by the collaboration platform „Workflow+“. Per live monitoring app you have a real-time transparency about the status of your labeler.

Highest Process Safety in Marking by real-time Data

Exemplary Labeler for Pallets in Operator Model: eMATRIX S7000

Why ICS?

The ICS Group has a long-term project expertise and provides all resources, which you need for the professional managment of your marking processes Europe-wide.

ICS is able to network your marking processes seamless with your supply chain. Own innovative IT solutions guarantee for example the identification and the track & trace of goods and shippments, ensure optimized packing processes and pallets and an automated transporting label print by supplier requirements including real-time despatch advice.

We are looking forward to your contacting by contact form (end of page), email or phone.

Your Contact
Phone 0800 0833844  or Email info@ics-group.eu

5 Good Reasons for ICS

  • Digitization solutions for every business model
  • Consulting, conception, software, hardware, integration, services - from one hand
  • Integrated IT service management (multilingual service desk, authorized repair center, international field service)
  • Extensive expertise (+4.500 realized projects)
  • Business partner of worldwide leading manufacturers
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