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ICS Intelligent & Secure Packaging

Smart Packaging Process with video supported Software Solution

More Throughput and less Costs

In case of an high order throughput there is in general little time for the packaging of shipments. A solely performed packaging process is often uneconomic, non-transparent and error-prone. Typical examples are: inappropriate choose of overpack with unnecessary fill material, consequently additional expense for pallet forming and transportation planning up to delayed deliveries. 

ICS Intelligent & Secure Packaging is the innovative, video supported software solution for an efficient packaging of consignments. By using this solution the packaging process will be intelligent controlled and the optimal overpack will be determined. The throughput at the packaging tables will be increased and a cost reduction for carton and fill material will be guaranteed. In total the internal handling costs fall by reduced number of shipments. 

Your Key Benefits

Increase in Productivity

Cost Reduction

Intelligent Processing

Process Transparency

Delivery Reliability

Reduction of Complaints

Complete Documentation & Manipulation Safety

With ICS Intelligent & Secure Packaging the packaging tables will be equipped with Business Video Intelligence technology (BVI). By the linking of the packaging process data with the video and image sequences a complete documentation of the packed contents will be made. So there is any type of manipulation efficiently demonstrable (for example removing goods of the carton) at the packaging table from placing the cartons up to the final closing (secure). Additional a photo of the unsealed package will be printed on the delivery note to prevent unjustified subsequent deliveries. 

"With ICS Intelligent & Secure Packaging we are able to perform fast and correct shipments and can satisfy current customer requirements like same day delivery.“

Individual Package Labeling

A further added value is the on-demand labeling of packages - individual and multicolored, for example with customer logo. Preprinted shipping labels and common changes of label rolls are not necessary anymore. There can be an additional color code on the shipping labels to support visual the assignment of the goods to the shipping area. 


Easy Implementation

ICS Intelligent & Secure Packaging will be connected seamless to higher IT systems, like for example  SAP® ERP or to the warehouse management system Stradivari® WMS and combined with stationary and mobile scanners and printing systems.

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Why ICS?

ICS Group realized digital processes in companies of all sizes and industries. Tailor-made solutions guarantee agility, transparency and productivity in your global business processes. 

We are looking forward to your contacting by contact form (end of page), email or phone.

Your Contact
Phone 0800 0833844  or Email future@ics-group.eu

5 Good Reasons for ICS

  • Digitization solutions for every business model
  • Consulting, conception, software, hardware, integration, services - from one hand
  • Integrated IT service management (multilingual service desk, authorized repair center, international field service)
  • Extensive expertise (+4.500 realized projects)
  • Business partner of worldwide leading manufacturers
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