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Reliable Solutions. Innovative Services. Successful Clients.

Software Solutions

Smart Business in Every Function

Custom software optimizes your throughput in production, logistics and outside. Custom apps ensure productive working of your sales and service team out in the field.

Process-integrated mobile IT ensures closed networking between you and all your partners in the supply chain. Put your trust in ICS software applications and ensure sustained customer loyalty and competitiveness in your business.

Your Key-Benefit

  • High productivity through customizing of standard software applications.
  • ROI within a short time through strict process and requirements orientation and fast installation.

Mobile Applications

Today, mobile IT-supported processes are indispensable for transport logistics, service and field organizations. After all, staff in the field working productively and transparently are the key to sustained customer relationships. Therefore, efficient mobile business counts on real-time data management between Scheduling, Field Service and value addition partners as well as proactive resource control. In the Competence Center Software Solutions, we focus on your processes on a daily basis through practical consultancy, sector-specific concepts and custom programming. The result is complete, pan-operations mobility on tablets, smartphones, hand-held terminals and on-board terminals, which puts your staff in a position to work ergonomically and logically, and impresses your customers.

It should be possible to localize, identify and verify containers, boxes, pallets and their contents in real time so that they can be provided exactly at the right time at exactly the right place. After all, neither in-house production nor value-addition partners and customers allow supply bottlenecks. The ICS Supply Chain Management Software allows you to exploit your container circuits to the fullest.

They steer your container pool on graphical interfaces and dovetail your IT with vendors, dealers and customers. Thus, you can plan the onward workflows even before the loading equipment arrives physically. Would it not be really interesting for you to actually generate revenues with your containers in future?

Even today, mobility under SAP® is a challenge for users. The SAP® standard is more or less not suitable for fully functional, mobile working on handhelds or on-board computers. In addition, expensive middleware solutions are seldom economically attractive for medium-scale companies. So it's nice to have a strong IT partner with many years of SAP® know-how to rely on.

We can supply you with mobile, graphical online dialogs, for example, directly in SAP® WM, MM, PP and CS via ITSMobile. To do so, we employ a large pool of self-developed SAP® software including control station functionality. For example, this includes: SAP® cockpits for goods receiving, quality control and inventory or stacker control systems in SAP®.

Storage capacity, in general, is in short supply and expensive. For the success of your business, therefore, it is important that resources and materials in the inventory are in constant, targeted motion. The Warehouse Management solutions from ICS enable you do to so. They increase your goods throughput, increase the workload of your warehouse staff and proactively avoid standstill times.

Our services include complete warehouse management systems, paperless picking systems, such as Pick by Voice and Pick by Light, stacker localization and stacker management as well as numerous visualizations. Furthermore, if required, we are of course happy to optimize your existing warehouse management structures for you.

If the material and information flow is to be efficient, Track & Trace solutions can hardly be dispensed with. Unambiguous  tracking of products through the entire life-cycle or real-time localization and tracking of objects/ resources are an indispensable value addition for suppliers, manufacturers and customers. We can design and integrate your custom Track-and-Trace solution based on proven technologies (for example, GPS, 2-Code, RFID, NFC) and sectoral know-how.

Our customers thus put their trust in practically proven software from the areas of valuable goods and shipment tracking, container management, product serialization, anti-falsification security and brand protection.

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About ICS Group - Partnership for your success

We see ourselves as solution providers for sustainable process optimization. Our competencies are integration, consulting and managed services for IT solutions in the supply chain. Our products and solutions offer high benefits as we optimize company processes by working hand in hand with our customers. You benefit from our many years of international project expertise that spans all industries and company sizes. Through software, hardware and services, we are able to meet your challenges with innovative solutions from a single source. We make suggestions that are aimed at achieving your vision, together.

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