DS Smith Packaging Deutschland    

DS Smith Packaging Deutschland    

Comprehensive coverage through
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Our Customer

DS Smith is one of the world‘s leading suppliers of sustainable, fiber-based packaging with activities in recycling and papermaking. The company plays a central role in the value chain of various sectors, including e-commerce, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and manufacturing. DS Smith, listed on the FTSE 100, is headquartered in London and operates in more than 30 countries. The company currently employs around 30,000 people.

DS Smith also produces and stores sustainable packaging at around 20 locations in Germany, which significantly support the company‘s efficient supply chain.

In a Nutshell

The Company
DS Smith Packaging Deutschland Stiftung & Co. KG

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DS Smith`s Challenge

Since comprehensive WiFi (indoor and outdoor) is essential for a smooth, automated working environment, the network infrastructure for the German locations is to be gradually modernized. The large warehouses and production halls as well as individual disruptive factors (including shelf barriers, machines) are a challenge for stable, comprehensive roaming. In addition, the hardware must withstand different ambient temperatures.

Not all warehouses at the locations are currently connected to the network via cable. Since this would result in significant structural measures and costs, an alternative solution with a high signal range should be found.

Project Challenges

  • Realization of stable roaming on the premises
  • Dealing with individual WiFi interference factors
  • Connection of previous offline areas

The Solution

The start of the planned WiFi modernization at the German locations of DS Smith took place at the Hövelhof site in North Rhine-Westphalia. With its partner Cambium Networks, a leading manufacturer of WiFi and directional radio solutions, the ICS Group developed an integrative modernization concept.

After site survey and interference frequency analysis, the WiFi project planning took place, with access points (APs) being installed on the site, both indoors and outdoors. A virtual controller ensures highly available online connectivity of the APs. The central configuration, management and maintenance of all WiFi components is carried out via the management software from Cambium Networks.

A neighbouring warehouse at the site was also connected to the main network with a directional radio antenna. The point-topoint connection created in this way enables additional APs to be connected in the warehouse and thus saves the costly installment of floor cables.


  • Site survey and WiFi project planning
  • Installation of APs, controllers & management software
  • Directional radio solution with a long signal range

DS Smith Warehouse

The Result

Thanks to the WiFi modernization, DS Smith now benefits from a secure, stable and comprehensive network infrastructure at its Hövelhof site that meets the individual environmental parameters - indoor and outdoor. During the on-site rollout, productive operations remained unaffected. It is now planned to have the network landscapes of the other locations in Germany expanded by ICS and Cambium Networks.

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  • Stable and comprehensive WiFi architecture
  • Smooth transition in productive operations
  • Future-proof and scalable network
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