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Our Customer

SCHERBAUER SPEDITION GmbH in Neutraubling is a Service provider for forwarding, logistics and warehousing. On the 70,000 square meter company premises, SCHERBAUER has one of the largest and most modern logistics terminals in the Regensburg and East Bavaria region.

The medium-sized family company has been growing steadily, since it was founded in 1901. The company is actively committed in being sustainable (e.g. certifications in the areas of quality, environmental and energy and dangerous goods management) and has a strong market position in European land transport. Moreover, there is long-standing partnership with DHL in the areas of international sea and air freight.



Forwarding and Logistics Services


The Challenge

Quality Insurance is carried out through video evaluations in the warehouses at SCHERBAUER. The in-house transport management is mapped using software, which the employees use on industrial, mobile devices. For SCHERBAUER, the two processes, which were previously not connected with one another, offered considerable potential for synergy in order to make intralogistics more efficient. This is how the idea came about to develop an indoor positioning system for mobile devices and means of transport (forklifts, lifting carts, etc.) to be introduced, which perfectly complements the video monitoring. The concept should be based on a safe solution for the future including interfaces.

Project Challenges

  • Introduction of an indoor tracking system for mobile devices and means of transport in intralogistics
  • Coupling with the existing video system
  • Premise: future-proof solution

The Solution

After preliminary talks and a joint inspection, SCHERBAUER found the ideal solution and integration partner in the ICS Group. In the first project step, an analysis was carried out by ICS to determine the quantity structure for the intended location hardware, which is based on economical and functional Bluetooth technology (BLE). After the creation of a positioning and wiring plan, the locators were installed on the hall ceilings, which are connected and powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Bluetooth-enabled end devices were integrated via an application and industrial trucks and mobile devices (without Bluetooth) were equipped with associated BLE tags. The virtual machines working on location engines in the background are linked to the video system via API (Application Programming Interface). Thus the real-time recording of the position data, time stamp and TAG ID / IP address of the mobile data device or means of transport is guaranteed. In addition, maps and zones were created and were, together with the locators, entered into the location engines.


  • Customized solution based on BLE technology with minimal power consumption and API for video system
  • Hardware installation in the halls, on the devices and on means of transport; App for Bluetooth-enabled devices



„We had been looking for a solution that would allow us to track all of our mobile devices in the warehouse for some time. We found what we were looking for with the indoor tracking system from ICS and were able to increase our productivity due to the elimination of search times - not least through integration with our video monitoring. Initial results were so convincing that we decided to extend the project to our means of transport.“

- P. Leimbeck, Managing Director SCHERBAUER Spedition GmbH

The Result

Since its launch, the solution has guaranteed consistent transparency regarding the real-time position of the individual mobile devices and means of transport in ongoing work shifts. This made it possible for SCHERBAUER to reduce search times and increase productivity. As an integral part of the video evaluation, the indoor tracking system now also supports the monitoring and optimization of key performance indicators (KPI).

Images used with permission from SCHERBAUER. © SCHERBAUER.


  • Transport transparency in real time
  • Elimination of search time for transport resources
  • Increase in productivity and profitability
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