Press Releases of the ICS Group  

Press Releases of the ICS Group  

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Press Releases 2024

LogiMAT 2024: Smart Logistics Platform with ChatGPT Integration

Kelsterbach, January 12, 2024: The major challenges in the logistics industry, such as significant cost increases due to ongoing crises, the ongoing labor shortage or supply chain bottlenecks, require innovative automation solutions for resilient logistics. The Stradivari logistics platform from ICS offers exactly that.

As a multi-warehouse and multi-client WMS, it seamlessly networks all warehouse processes and integrates data capture, identification and provision systems as required.


Press Releases 2023

ICS Group achieves Platinum status in solution partnership with SOTI

Kelsterbach, July 10th, 2023: The ICS Group (ICS) and SOTI have been working closely together for several years to offer first-class solutions for companies worldwide.

ICS has made a name for itself in the market as a full-service solution integrator in the field of digital transformation and the automation of business processes. Another milestone has now been reached with the achievement of the Platinum partner status.


Press Releases 2021

Know-how alliance for mobile solutions in Ex-protection zones

Kelsterbach, September 15th, 2021: Supply chain digitalizer ICS Group and MOBILE, the specialist for mobile, explosion-proof communication devices, are bundling their know-how in order to provide efficient mobile data management for customers across all sectors.

Along the supply chain there are many areas at risk of explosion (Ex-zones), in which flammable substances, oxygen and ignition sources come together, creating an explosive atmosphere. Explosion hazards exist not only in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, coal and steel industry, but can also occur in many other sectors. In these hazardous environments, explosion protection (Ex-protection) is of utmost importance when it comes to technical safety. The use of explosion-proof mobile communication devices is a key aspect here.


Press Releases 2020

Corona Pandemic: The ICS Group body temperature screening system supports the lockdown exit in companies and the public sector

Kelsterbach, May 14th, 2020: With the ICS body temperature screening system, the ICS Group (ICS) offers a solution for the automated measuring of the human body temperature which can be operated by stationary or mobile scan. With a measuring accuracy of about 0.2 degrees Celsius and a measuring time of approx. two tenths of a second, the ICS system is one of the trailblazers for contactless infrared scanning on the market. Potential feverish diseases can be detected reliably so that the necessary steps regarding work and health protection can be taken right away. Measuring results are signaled optically and/or acoustically. Access systems (such as turnstiles and automatic door openers) can be controlled optionally. Even multi-step access processes can be handled. Where proof is required, the measurements can be visualized fully anonymized in a statistic web backend. The solution is instantly operational, highly scalable, and also convinces through its cost-benefit ratio.

Hygiene and access solutions as well as the appropriate documentation are currently indispensable in many companies and in official buildings in order to protect the health of staff and customers, and to meet the recently adopted easing measures of confederation and countries in the Corona pandemic. For employers, those systems are fundamental when it comes to resume business operations. With its body temperature screening system, the supply chain digitalizer ICS offers a practice-approved overall solution, which is convincing in both quality and price.

LogiMAT 2020 cancelled due to corona virus. ICS offers virtual alternatives.

Kelsterbach, 5th March 2020: The official request made yesterday and the subsequent cancellation of this year's LogiMAT, which was to have taken place in Stuttgart from 10th - 12th March 2020, was, in the view of the ICS Group (ICS), an absolutely correct decision in view of the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Customers and interested parties are now invited to experience the top innovations and portfolio extensions that ICS would have presented at this year's international trade fair for intralogistics and process management in alternative live event formats. The smart solution program can be experienced online in interactive web sessions and live demonstrations and, if desired, also in a personal consultation at the customer's premises.

Smart Solutions for the automated Warehouse and the Digital Supply Chain

LogiMAT 2020: The ICS Group shows companies how to future-proof and optimize their individual processes in logistics and omnichannel while keeping costs to a minimum.

At LogiMAT, from March 10th - 12th, the ICS Group will show companies how they can optimize their individual processes in logistics and Omnichannel in a future-proof and cost-minimized manner. Portfolio innovations for the automation and digitalization of warehouse, logistics and comprehensive supply chain processes will be presented. In the software area the focus is on the warehouse management system Stradivari® WMS, as well as the mobile business platform "4mobile" and the goods management app "ICS StoreManager".

Mobile Supply Chain in Transition

Android determines the future at platform level

With  Android™, an alternative operating system for mobile devices is conquering the enterprise auto-ID market. Against this background, companies are facing significant challenges in the areas of software and hardware on the one hand, but are also benefiting from considerable opportunities from the redesign of the mobile infrastructure on the other. In the following, you can find out which these are and what companies should take into account during the conversion.


Press Release 2018

LogiMAT 2019: Integrative solutions for the digital supply chain in medium-sized businesses and corporate groups - end-to-end

Under the motto "Designing processes. Moving IT. Together." at LogiMAT, from 19th to 21st February 2019 in Stuttgart, companies from all industries and of all sizes will be able to discover innovative concepts and integrative solutions that network, automate and optimize individual supply chains across the board.

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