Specialized Managed Services for Complex IT Environments


Specialized Managed Services for Complex IT Environments

CIO Applications Europe in an interview with Hans-Jörg Tittlbach

It is crucial for companies to ensure high availability, performance, and security of IT processes across their entire supply chain considering the growing complexities in IT systems. Germany-based ICS Group addresses this challenge by providing sustainable process optimization through integration, consulting, and managed services. The company delivers individual solutions with preconfigured functions for mixed and vendor-independent mobile device architectures along with IoT infrastructures.

Considering the varied IT needs of organizations, ICS combines standardized and customized solutions together with the process benchmarking knowledge of more than 4,000 implemented projects.

ICS is the specialist for customized and integrative solutions, which perfectly fit client’s needs and challenges to create new and real value-added services, Hans-Jörg Tittlbach, CEO of ICS Group


Initially founded as an Auto ID solution provider for production and logistics environments, ICS Group today operates as one of the few international managed services specialists in that arena. The company is steadily extending its portfolio with new technologies such as humanoid respective collaborative robotics and automated pos environments with kiosk systems, and digital signage technologies in Germany and Europe. “We incorporate innovative technologies into our set of solutions to ensure a future-proof mode of operation for immediate benefits of our customers,” adds Hans-Jörg Tittlbach, CEO of ICS Group.

IT infrastructures are subject to a lifecycle that starts with the decision to purchase, comprises integration and IT operations, and ends with disposal and replacement of the system. ICS Group’s solutions secure the quality and documentation of the client’s IT processes and helps to manage this process through its ICS Life Cycle Management solutions ensuring flawless and high-performance operation of the client’s IT infrastructure. ICS Group also offers IT Remote Management solutions, handled by native speakers managing 24/7 service desks in Berlin, Germany, in order to maintain availability of clients’ environments and to manage periodic updates of their respective software and hardware, significantly saving time and costs. “ICS is the specialist for customized and integrative solutions that perfectly fit client’s needs and challenges to create real value-added services,” remarks Tittlbach.

Successful integration and operation of managed IT services also depend on the communication between different vendors so that all parties work toward a common aim. “In a digital world with cross-company processes and big data, vendors need to cooperate and tackle the challenges of digital transformation together,” states Tittlbach. The company thus adopts a collaborative approach to manage, control, and maintain its clients’ IT environments, either selectively or as a whole, depending on their requirements.

To better describe the company’s customer-centric approach, Tittlbach recalls how ICS Group helped a leading automotive supplier overcome their business challenges. The client had a decentralized service structure that did not function in accordance with standardized service processes, which led to losses and lack of transparency in the implementation of service requirements further resulting in delays. In order to meet the deadline requirements, the stock of spare equipment needed to be expanded. After preparing an analysis, ICS Group developed a standardized service process in collaboration with the customer and implemented it in a centralized manner. This benefitted the client with respect to time and cost savings for warranty claims, and an increase in process reliability and transparency. Additionally, the productivity of service technicians in the automotive workshops improved significantly due to the steady availability of replacement units.

Besides providing standardized service scalability and modular software frameworks to address customers’ needs efficiently, ICS Group employs attractive and client-orientated high-competitive financing models like “pay per use” in service cases or “SaaS” in software projects, such as for their own 4mobile software suite. The company is currently focusing on IoT cloud migrations, the upcoming switch from windows to android in the mobile device landscape, and external supply chain platforms like blockchain for complete connection, transparency, and data security. Moreover, ICS Group plans to employ dedicated client success managers and teams with specialized customer process know-how and extensive knowledge of relationship management in order to address the client requirements better.

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