We Meet Every Challenge  

We Meet Every Challenge  

Industries & Markets  

These days, it is harder than ever to keep an eye on the needs of your customers. You must not only satisfy customer expectations, but also meet government requirements such as industry-specific labeling standards. You can only respond to short-term changes with agile supply chain processes. Just-in-time deliveries, supply chain solutions and track & trace are examples of applications which have meanwhile become established.

With a strong partner at your side who provides targeted and flexible support with in-depth industry expertise, you can concentrate on your core competencies. Our free scalable services are not only practice-oriented but also tried and tested. Our over 30 years of experience have proven our ability to actively shape our customers' success with state-of-the-art technologies.




Your Key-Benefits

  • proven industry expertise
  • successful customers
  • over 30 years of experience

Our clients include companies such as Philips Healthcare, Alex Gaststätten and Emons.

Sectors and Markets

Health & Pharma

  • Traceability in
    the supply chain
  • Compliance with traceability
    and labeling requirements
  • Patient identification

Sectors and Markets

Transportation & Logistics

  • Track & Trace solutions
  • Shorter truck turnaround times
  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • Resource control with up-to-date planning boards

Sectors and Markets

Food & Beverages

  • Legally compliant labeling
    and identification
  • Localization of reusable
    transport containers
  • Securing cold chain integrity

Sectors and Markets

Automotive Industry

  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Just-in-sequence production
  • Traceability at any time
  • Control of technological capabilities

Sectors and Markets

Chemical Industry

  • Safe labeling of
    dangerous substances
  • RFID technology for
    increased safety
  • Complete documentation
  • Access controls

Sectors and Markets

Wholesale, Retail & E-Commerce

  • Digital sales assistants
  • 100% transparency and complete replenishment
  • Seamless Supply Chain Networking


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Sectors and MarketsSectors and MarketsSectors and MarketsSectors and MarketsSectors and Markets
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