Splendid Drinks Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG  

Splendid Drinks Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG  

Optimized logistics processes thanks to
Pick-by-Voice integration.  

Our Client

As a beverage service, the Carlsberg subsidiary Splendid Drinks Hamburg (until 2021: Göttsche Getränke) supplies the catering and retail markets in the Hamburg region. The range includes mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. juice, spritzers or energy drinks), national and international beers, spirits, wine, champagne, coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, sanitary and bar products, syrups and more.


The company
Splendid Drinks Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG

Beverage Wholesale

The Challenge

The expectations of customers are increasing day by day – Splendid Drinks Hamburg receives orders around the clock through all possible channels which usually have to be processed within a short time. What's more, the range of available products is continuously expanding. Orders placed through the webshop are therefore also growing exponentially. Splendid Drinks Hamburg currently caters to approximately 1,700 customers of all sizes and has around 3,700 products permanently in stock, to which new products are added or removed every day.

The aim was to secure an overview of the goods movements and ensure fast smooth delivery.

Project Challenges

  • Fast and smooth delivery of short-term beverage orders
  • Security and transparency of all goods movements
  • Monitoring of the specific processes in the beverage logistics

The Solution

By implementing a Pick-by-Voice picking system, the picker has both hands free and can therefore achieve much faster picking. In addition, the technology adds security and transparency to the entire picking process. The range of services provided by ICS included, alongside the implementation of the Pick-by-Voice technology for picking with forklift trucks, connection to the warehouse management system and radio coverage as well as network planning for the approximately 8,000 square meters of hall and a number of yard areas.


  • Introduction of a voice-controlled Pick-by-Voice picking system
  • Configuration and integration of wireless LAN
  • Mobile dialogs on forklift terminals, scanners and integration of label printers
  • Connection with existing industry WMS

The Result

After integration of the Pick-by-Voice solution, the internal logistics processes were optimized and capacity was freed up. In addition, processing time per picking order was significantly reduced so that productivity could be increased significantly. Quality and efficiency of the picking processes were significantly increased and the rate of returns was minimized. Customers today benefit from faster and more flexible order processing.

Splendid Drinks Hamburg has received everything from a single source. Software and hardware solutions are perfectly matched and contribute to a rapid return on investment.


  • Cost reduction through increased productivity in picking
  • Minimization of returns through error-free picking and shipping
  • Process safety and transparency throughout the supply chain
  • Increase in throughput and higher oder volumes through fast deliveries
  • Real-time monitoring


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