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Our customer

As a research-based pharmaceutical company, Takeda takes its social responsibility in the development and supply of medicines very seriously. From prevention to cure and care, Takeda offers innovative healthcare solutions worldwide that help heal diseases, reduce suffering and gain valuable life. With around 2,000 employees, the four German locations are among the largest in the Takeda Group and include administration, production and logistics as well as marketing and sales of high-quality medicines and medical products for clinics, doctors' practices and pharmacies.


The company
Takeda Pharma Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Pharmaceutical manufacturer

The Challenge

Particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, safety and quality have top priority in production and logistics processes. Errors that can easily occur with paper-based order picking can have serious consequences for patients and cause high costs and time expenditure. A solution was therefore sought to optimize the warehouse management processes to ensure the traceability of medicines, simplify order picking and minimize the risk of errors.

Project Challenges

  • Highest quality assurance according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines
  • Complete tracking & tracing of medicines and batches
  • Central internal transport control and optimization
  • Development of a sustainably efficient storage strategy
  • Intuitive transactions on a graphical user interface

The Solution

An efficient warehouse management solution was implemented with the ICS software for the GMP-compliant storage and delivery of finished pharmaceuticals. The control and administration of the material flow takes place in several mobile racking systems. It is now possible to centrally control all transports between production and warehouse. By using mobile forklift terminals in conjunction with fixed barcode scanners, the physical process is directly booked online in the system. Thus, a real-time transparency of the processes and stocks is achieved. The implementation of the entire solution, from the WLAN to the industrial IT hardware to the support of the introduction of the software solution, was delivered from a single source.


The Result

The implementation of the warehouse management solution brought significant benefits for the company. By digitalizing the processes, the reliability regarding the traceability of the production batches could be ensured. Seamless integration with the existing MES system ensures smooth interaction between the systems. The tailor-made storage strategy for the mobile racking accelerates the picking process and thus significantly reduces costs. The new dialog-guided picking processes in conjunction with the use of barcode technology have reduced the error frequency during picking to a minimum.


  • Error-minimized picking
  • Significant increase in productivity
  • Process reliability and transparency
  • Significant increase in batch tracking quality (GMP)
  • High investment protection
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