Labeling & Marking  

Labeling & Marking  

Marking With a System  

The perfectly customized marking of products, packages or loading equipment is indispensable for your business success. As your partner for marking and labeling, we develop and implement customized and economical marking solutions day after day.

With our labeling, marking and special construction systems, with labels from our own production, as well as identification technologies and control and layout software, you can sustainably guarantee process safety in your value addition.

Labeling & Marking CARE Labeling & Marking – Operator Model for highly available Marking Processes

Your Key Benefit

  • Economically and functionally convincing marking solutions through holistic consultancy.
  • High investment protection through flexible systems, quality labels, integration expertise, services and so on


Application-Specific Consulting

You can only achieve process safety and efficiency in the value creation with marking solutions that are optimally customized to your needs. This relates to the system and software components, the degree of automation and the consumable materials like labels, ink ribbons or inks. Only when all the conceptual parameters mesh into one another like so many gears will your marking project deliver the maximum benefit and ROI very shortly after going live. With our know-how of processes and sectors, with individual sampling and a bit of creativity, we can jointly develop a customized, innovative marking and labeling solution.

Labeling & Marking

Labeling Systems & Marking Systems

Your marking system, located in your production facility, your warehouse or in shipping must meet all your requirements without exception. The decisive factors for the system selection or concept could be, for example, the throughput, space available for affixing the marking, and material quality. With the ICS standard systems or the special constructions, we can meet almost all requirements on a sector-specific basis. This includes direct labeling with inkjet or dot matrix printers or marking at the top, bottom, sides, over a corner or all-round, with labelers.
We only build the latest technologies and provide you with a high degree of flexibility when changing products. Depending on the requirement, you can get IoT-capable desktop systems, semi-automatic systems or line-integrated applications.

Labels & Ink Ribbons

Which is the correct label for your application? What are the functions that it must fulfill?
Is it a design label for perfect brand publicizing, or a technical label highly resistant to different environmental influences – or a Track-and-Trace label for unambiguous traceability across the supply chain? The catalog of applications is without limits, as well as the possibilities offered up by the glues and papers, the cartons or foils. We can develop and supply customized labeling solutions based on our many years of experience. In combination, you will also get tailored color ink ribbons for your carrier medium and printing system, as well as additional accessories and services.

Labels & Ink Ribbons


If you wish to ship your electronic products to the US, or if you wish to sell them there, the UL mark is mandatory on the type plate. It attests to the fact that the product bearing it fulfills the safety requirements for the US, and has a separate UL approval specifically granted for the end product. There are various types of plate materials from our in-house production that are UL-listed. This listing underscores the outstanding properties of the foils that can be individually labeled with the thermo-transfer printing systems. Depending on your application, we can offer you the exact tailored type plate material in the final format or on an endless roll.

Label Production

In our in-house label production, we manufacture labels on rolls and sheets, depending on your requirements. This includes pre-printed, self-adhesive sticky labels for thermo-transfer, thermo-direct, matrix or inkjet printers as well as finish-printed labels according to the customer's wishes. Our standard program covers almost all label sizes. In addition, our machines allow the production of numerous special labels and the application of the most varied refining processes, so that there are no limits to the end result - the label that you want.

ICS customers benefit from short paths and shipping times. A comprehensive variety of materials and the latest production systems facilitate the highest quality with optimum economy.

Label Production


Find out how customers benefited from ICS Labeling & Marking:

Enhanced competitiveness thanks to automated labeling.

Labeling & Marking

Leimer uses fully automatic pallet labeling with height detection.

Labeling & Marking

Druckhaus Kay automates its work processes and implements Next-Day-Delivery.

Labeling & Marking

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