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Competitive business counts on real-time data transfer with intelligent WLAN architectures on operations campuses and high-performance WWAN processes out in the field. In addition, the wireless networks must provide the greatest degree of security, be tailored to your operational sequences, and be easy to develop further.

ICS is your experienced, certified partner for the conception, installation and scaling of individual wireless networks. You can also achieve process efficiency through optimized online mobility!

Your Key-Benefit

  • Maximum wireless performance and security through professional network solutions by specialists. 
  • Maximum investment protection through state-of-the-art technologies and flexible network design.


Site Survey

A detailed network planning that takes into consideration the individual ambient parameters as well as defined standards at locations is a precondition for the conception and installation of high-performance, safe wireless networks, whether indoor or outdoor. In doing so, among others, the factors like redundancy, data prioritization and restrictions (e.g. from explosive zones) have to be kept in mind. In the framework of a site survey (radio frequency site survey), we simulate your network coverage and network performance. The professional site survey delivers all the data required for setting up an efficient wireless network.


Radio frequency analysis

ICS Group Radio frequency analysisFor your existing wireless networks, for example, in production, in warehouses, in the outdoor areas or in retail environments, we can carry out a radio frequency analysis to determine whether you are already exploiting your WLAN to the maximum or whether there is any potential for saving. The subsequent action plan contains, for example, re-configuration of the existing wireless hardware, dismantling of superfluous access points or hardware replacement, since new, more powerful and energy-saving technologies generally ensure an optimized Total Cost of Ownership.

Interfrence frequency analysis

ICS Group Interfrence frequency analysisNetwork failures cause productivity failures, no matter where and how extensive, and whether individual mobile employees are affected or entire departments: As a company, you stand to lose time and money as a result. Our professional service team discovers any interference frequencies that exist within or outside your company. We quickly eliminate any faults that are found, ensure smooth network availability or provide you with the correct action plan for working online again free of interference.

WLAN projection

ICS Group WLAN projectionYour WLAN must work smoothly at all times. This relates to your current requirements as well as to anticipating future developments and standards. Therefore, apart from a thought-through management and deployment strategy, and the corresponding measures, flexible scalability of the network is a mandatory feature. You can simply lean back and relax, because you are optimally secured through customized WLAN projection and comprehensive services.


Security concepts

ICS Group Security conceptsThe entire success of your company depends on your sensitive company data. Today, it is more important than ever to protect networks from unauthorized access. It need not always be a hacker attack that takes place from the outside; unauthorized persons can also cause damage over the network within the company premises. We create IT security concepts based on your security requirements, current standards and the developments expected in the future.
After the structuring and implementation of, among other things, authentications, certificates, VLAN applications, Active-Directory links and security platforms (AirDefense), we guaranty complete network safety during ongoing operation.



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Network Technologies

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Network Technologies

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Network Technologies
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