ICS StoreManager

ICS StoreManager

Error-Free and Paperless Documentation  
of Goods Movements in Retail

Fast, simple and error-free - this is how the requirements for goods recording can be summarized. We have put together a package for the retail sector that makes retail processes such as goods receiving, order entry and inventory more efficient.

The ICS StoreManager is easy to use thanks to its clear structure and therefore requires low training needs. Additionally, the Android app ensures paperless data entry.

In many cases, the handling of paper lists is still part of the daily routine in retail trade. The introduction of complex automation technology usually implies high costs.

The standard software ICS StoreManager offers a compact mobile alternative. Goods receiving, order entry and inventory are the core functions of ICS StoreManager. It convinces by clear and simple operation and is particularly interesting for the retail trade thanks to its price-performance ratio.

Optional features such as price queries, price labeling and returns entry make it a multi-talent.


Paperless data acquisition via immediately usable Android App

ICS StoreManager standard features:

  • Standard processes goods receiving, inventory, redistribution and goods issue
  • Fast and error-free recording of articles by scanning
  • Alternative: Manual input of e.g. article number, delivery note number and quantity
  • Input of quantities, storage location
  • Distinction of shops, user and areas
  • Simple data transfer via USB, optionally Wi-Fi
  • List display of the recorded data
  • Personal configurations are possible, e.g. activation and deactivation of menu items
  • Optional: price inquiries, price labeling with mobile printers, returns entry
  • Error-free & paperless documentation
  • Simple and intuitive system operation
  • Significant relief of employees and time
  • Easy integration into existing IT structures
  • Labor-intensive data reconciliations are no longer necessary
  • Immediately ready for productive work
ICS Group StoreManager - prepared for Android Devices

ICS StoreManager is your new employee for...

  • Goods receiving - clearly recorded
  • Inventory - quick and easy
  • Order entry - error-free replenishment
  • Goods issue - error-free provision
App for Retail Goods Movements

Product sheet

App for Retail Goods Movements


Intuitively Operated Software Interface

ICS StoreManager main menu
ICS StoreManager goods receiving
ICS StoreManager data collection

We would be happy to demonstrate the ICS StoreManager to you via WebSession with Live Demo. Please let us know your preferred date.

Benjamin Leinenbach-Probst

Benjamin Leinenbach-Probst

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