ICS Warehouse App

ICS Warehouse App

Error-Free and Paperless Documentation  
of Goods Movements

The ICS Warehouse App is an efficient Android App with which all common inventory processes, as well as goods movements in the company can be documented paperless and error-free. The solution is a functionally and economically reasonable alternative to paper-based inventory management and inventory control. The mobile and partially automated process significantly reduces the workload of your own employees, minimizes faults and saves time.

The ICS Warehouse App integrates the functions: inventory, incoming goods, goods issue and goods transfer. In the core of the application, all goods movements and inventory in business premises, in production and in the warehouse can be recorded paperlessly by scanning.

In the sense of a mobile helper, this happens whenever and wherever data collection is required. The user has a wide range of functions available, such as entering the user, work area, number of items, type and condition of the goods, etc., with which articles can be further specified.

The collected data is stored in a list and transferred as a CSV file as standard via USB cable to a PC for further processing. As an option, real-time data management via online dialogue is also possible.



Paperless data acquisition via immediately usable Android App


The ICS Warehouse App supports in the standard solution:

  • Standard processes goods receiving, inventory, redistribution and goods issue
  • Fast and error-free recording of articles by scanning
  • Alternative: Manual input of e.g. article number
  • Input of quantities, storage location
  • Distinction of user, warehouse and areas
  • Simple data transfer via USB as CSV file
  • List display of the recorded data
  • Personal configurations are possible, e.g. activation and deactivation of menu items as well as individually configurable fields such as storage location / status


ICS Warehouse App - prepared for Android Devices
  • Error-free & paperless documentation
  • Simple and intuitive system operation
  • Significant relief of employees and time
  • Easy integration into existing IT structures
  • Labor-intensive data reconciliations are no longer necessary
  • Immediately ready for productive work

The ICS Warehouse App is your new employee for...

  • Goods receiving - clearly recorded
  • Inventory - quick and easy
  • Redistribution - record without vouchers
  • Goods issue - error-free provision

We would be happy to demonstrate the ICS Warehouse App to you via WebSession with Live Demo. Please let us know your preferred date.

Benjamin Leinenbach-Probst

Benjamin Leinenbach-Probst

Software Manager

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