Smart Asset Management (SAM)  

Smart Asset Management (SAM)  

The Smart Software Solution for SAP® Maintenance  
and Customer Service  


SAP-certified ✔ Cross-platform ✔ SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA ✔ Fast data management ✔ Offline capable ✔

Smart Asset Management for SAP

Analog processes in maintenance and customer service quickly lead to rising costs, additional administrative work and unproductive working time. The result is dissatisfied customers and a decreasing competitiveness.

With Smart Asset Management (SAM) you can digitalize your processes seamlessly, optimize reaction and decision times in field service and maintenance and increase productivity.

Smart Asset Management is a mobile, offline-capable maintenance and customer service solution for companies using SAP PM or SAP CS. SAM was developed cross-platform and responsive with SAP technologies like SAP MobiLink and SAP UI5.

SAM enables fast management of large amounts of data, is available for SAP ERP as well as SAP S/4HANA and also works offline. Optimal working conditions for your technicians in maintenance and field service.

They have fast access to all relevant data, tools and spare parts at all times. This allows orders and notifications to be processed efficiently and minimizes effort times and costs.

Your Key Benefits

Smart Asset Management for SAP

Optimized Decision Times

Smart Asset Management for SAP

Real-Time Data Management

Smart Asset Management for SAP


Smart Asset Management for SAP

Optimized TCO

Smart Asset Management for SAP

Increase in Productivity

Smart Asset Management for SAP

Increased Customer Satisfaction


Efficient solutions for SAP maintenance and customer service processes:

SAM Mobile for mobile maintenance and customer service - SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA

SAM Mobile for mobile maintenance and customer service - SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA

SAM Mobile supports your mobile maintenance and customer service:

  • Eliminate paperwork and increase productivity through better communication.
  • Supports your technicians with user-friendly applications and checklists.
  • Optimizes response and decision times in field service and internal maintenance.
  • Visualizes order status and technicians' locations in real time.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by improving response times and adherence to service contracts.
  • Saves costs by reducing additional administrative work and unproductive working time.
  • Increases revenue through accurate on-site data collection and reduced billing time.
  • Enables you to work offline, without a network connection, using the functionality of SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)/SAP Customer Service (SAP CS) on mobile devices
  • Replaces legacy applications, such as SAP Mobile Asset Management (SAP MAM) or SAP Work Manager.

Core functions

  • Maintenance and service orders
  • Time and material feedback
  • Message Management
  • Technical objects (functional locations and equipment) including characteristics, measuring points/measurement documents and order --/notification history
  • Checklists based on measuring points, messages and QM lots.
  • Barcode and RFID/AutoID support
  • Business Partner Management
  • Warehouse and stock
  • Offline generation of service reports
  • Synchronization of documents and attachments (photos, videos, sound, documents and other files)
  • Integration with all leading navigation solutions, such as Navigon, Garmin and Google Maps
  • Travel expense recording with SAP Travel Management

Note: SAP Work Manager has been discontinued and will only be supported by SAP until the end of 2022. Sensitive data can then only be managed in cloud solutions.

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SAM Utilities for energy utilities

SAM Utilities for energy utilities

SAM for Utilities is an SAP-based solution for utilities. It integrates all the functions that off-site employees of electricity network operators, water suppliers and municipal utilities need for efficient order processing.

The solution is based on SAP PM/CS orders and allows technicians to access all relevant order data at any time, without middleware and without a local database.

Utility meter reading

This new SAM 3.0 function allows the user to take meter readings (e.g. a water or electricity meter at the time of moving in, moving out and other processes). The solution is based on PM/CS orders and meter reading receipts. Reading notes and offline validation data can also be used while recording meter readings.


The user can use the device management of SAM 3.0 to record the installation, removal and replacement of a meter. The solution is based on PM/CS orders and mobilizes the relevant data from SAP IS-U, such as data on the connection object, the device location, the point of consumption or the meter itself. The user can also enter meter readings, whereby meter reading receipts, reading instructions and the offline validation logic are taken into account.


With SAM 3.0 the user can handle both blocking and restarting (e.g. when moving in, out or payment arrears). The solution is based on PM/CS orders and mobilizes the relevant data from SAP IS-U, such as data on the connection object, the device location, the point of consumption or the meter itself. Within the scope of these processes, SAM also offers the possibility of recording meter readings. Via an alert mechanism, the mobile user is informed if a customer has paid and a blocking is no longer necessary.

Payment history

SAM 3.0 offers mobile users an overview of their customers' historical financial transactions.

Core functions

  • Meter reading
  • Installation/removal/change
  • Lockout/recommissioning
  • Payment history
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SAM Smart UI - The smart desktop solution for user-friendly information management

SAM Smart UI - The smart desktop solution for user-friendly information management

SAM Smart UI is a desktop solution where the usability of SAP PM/CS has been optimized to increase productivity in maintenance and customer service.

The tried and tested SAP GUI is completely transaction-based. To perform simple tasks, the user has to use several transactions to get to the target. This results in an unnecessary number of clicks and screen changes. In addition, SAP does not provide a dashboard to give the maintenance staff a simple overview.

Up to now, the view of the big picture was missing
In the GUI as well as in Fiori you are always only within the context of the current transaction or app. If you want more information, you are forced to leave this context and get information elsewhere. All these weaknesses are eliminated by the SAM Smart UI.

Central features of the Smart UI:

  • Central navigation: Access to all relevant areas of the PM at any time
  • Tabs: Enable views and access to e.g. several differently filtered order lists, messages, equipment and much more.
  • Central search: Access to all objects at any time
  • Dashboard: Central access, individually configurable
  • Smart Bar: Presents the most important key figures.

Core functions

  • Individually configurable dashboard
  • Management of technical objects
  • Tree and list view
  • Technical space & equipment details incl. open orders and messages
  • Characteristic data
  • Measuring points & measurement documents
  • Attachments, parts lists, technical objects, calendar

Order management

  • Order list and details
  • Operations and object list
  • Material and time feedback
  • Attachments

Message management

  • View of the messages in list form
  • Measures
  • Activities
  • Object parts with causes and damage patterns


  • Maintenance plans
  • Checklist Cockpit for creating and managing checklists
  • Purchase requisitions/orders


  • Improving the efficiency of maintenance and service processes
  • Reduction of administration costs through a fully integrated user interface
  • Web-based single point of access for all required system and transaction data, operating instructions and much more
  • Improves employee productivity by up to 30%.
  • Improved transparency of asset status and asset history, targeted prioritization of necessary measures
  • Increase employee acceptance of working with SAP; improve data quality
  • Reduction of overhead and administration costs
  • Acceleration of the decision-making process and improvement of decision quality

dynamicScheduling - SAP-integrated employee scheduling

dynamicScheduling - SAP-integrated employee scheduling

In order to be able to plan your employees' deployments seamlessly, you need all relevant information at a glance. This includes not only information about the people and the jobs to be planned, but also external influences, such as the availability of your customers and the current traffic situation.

The map-based resource planning, with real-time traffic information, was specially designed for SAP Customer Service and Maintenance. It can be used as an on-premise or cloud solution, with or without SAP PM/CS.

With dynamicScheduling, you have all the information integrated in one planning solution and can thus optimally plan and utilize your resources.

Core functions

  • Map-based resource planning
  • Planning with real-time traffic information
  • Display availability and scheduling
  • Planning of teams, vehicles and production resources
  • Show employees and assignments on map
  • Track job status and technician position in real time
  • Automatic scheduling of jobs
  • Flexible user interface
Smart Asset Management for SAP

Workshops for the mobilization of SAP PM/CS

If you intend to transport the SAP modules PM (Plant Maintenance) or CS (Customer Service) into the mobile world, there are several points to consider.

With 20 years of project expertise in the implementation of SAP projects in the area of maintenance and customer service, we have practical know-how, which has been proven in many successful projects.

In the following we offer you three workshops to help you make the right decisions. All workshops can be conducted digitally per web session.

  • Introductory workshop "How to mobilize SAP PM/CS" - 1 day
  • Basic workshop "Ready for the Mobile SAP PM/CS" - 3 days
  • Basic workshop "Ready for the Mobile SAP PM/CS incl. report" - 7 days

Our workshops are a must-have for the following positions:

  • Head of Maintenance/Customer Service
  • Master craftsman/team leader maintenance/customer service
  • Key-User Maintenance/Customer Service
  • Representative IT (module responsible PM/CS)

Consulting SAP PM/CS

  • Implementation or changes to the SAP modules PM (Plant Maintenance) and CS (Customer Service)
  • Customizing
  • Development of user exits
  • Consulting

Consulting SAP MM/WM/EWM

  • Implementation or changes to the SAP modules MM/WM/EWM
  • Customizing
  • Development of user exits
  • Consulting

Custom development

  • Development of solutions based on SAP technology
  • Integration/interfaces to SAP

Staff leasing

Project support by our experts e.g. in the areas of SAP PM/CS, ABAP, ABAP OO, SAP UI5, SAP Gateway, SAP Travel Management, UX Design, Java, J2EE, SAP ESS/MSS, SAP HCM, CATS, SAP NetWeaver, MM/WM/EWM, and many more. (Billing according to expenditure)

A holistic partner for mobile supply chain processes

ICS is a solution partner for efficient mobile IT infrastructures in the industrial and logistics environment. In addition to individually tailored software solutions, we integrate customized mobile computing technologies, independent of manufacturers. Our diverse portfolio includes tablets, handhelds, business smartphones, wearables and mobile printing systems.

Against this background, ICS enables you to migrate securely, quickly and reliably from older Windows operating systems to the future-proof AndroidTM OS.

With ICS Mobile Device Management you also ensure the availability of your devices, increase failure safety, plan and implement software updates, optimize user support and reduce costs.

You can also benefit from our managed services und hardware services with which we guarantee highly available processes.

Smart Asset Management for SAPSAP Consulting

Smart Asset Management for SAP
SAP Software

Smart Asset Management for SAP
Mobile Technologies

Smart Asset Management for SAP
Migration to Android

Smart Asset Management for SAP
Managed Services

Do you work with non-SAP systems in higher-level IT?

Then discover 4mobile Service - the mobile service solution for technical field service, with seamless integration into ERP systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

I am looking forward to introducing the (SAM) Smart Asset Management to you.

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