Transport Managementand Telematics

Transport Management
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IT Networking of Transport, Logistics & Service  

4mobile is a mobile business application that integrates order management in transport and logistics across companies. The system consists of a business app, that can be integrated on all mobile devices and a web portal.

The Mobile Business Framework, an open software architecture with pre-configured, tried-and-tested functions, enables you to integrate your individual processes. Tailor-made solutions can thus be implemented in the shortest time possible. In addition, bidirectional data exchange in real time offers you transparency, time and service advantages

Digital workflows support you in scheduling and route optimization, vehicle loading and delivery, order management on site, order entry, packaging exchange and return management. Your drivers use 4mobile on mobile terminals or business smartphones to manage their tours and order data. Proactive logistics planning, real-time track & trace and monitoring take place via web portal.

4mobile ist für Windows und Android vorkonfiguriert 4mobile is preconfigured for Android and Windows (iOS optional) and is seamlessly integrated into existing IT. The mapping of your individual process is realized in a timesaving and cost-optimized manner.

Your Key Benefits

  • Digitally networked, cross-company order management
  • Proactive process planning and process reliability in the supply chain
  • Effective controlling through fast service invoicing
  • Seamless IT connection (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV)
  • Efficient use of resources due to demand-synchronous delivery frequency
  • Optimum inventory level at any location, at any time of day
  • High customer loyalty through service transparency and quality


Benefit from 4mobile in your field of ​​application:

4mobile OnTour - The business app for productivity and service quality over the last mile

4mobile OnTour - The business app for productivity and service quality over the last mile

4mobile OnTour is the multifunctional mobile solution with which CEP and logistics service providers, freight forwarders and delivery services can map their transport processes digitally in real-time. This makes the complete transport management (in the company as well as in the field) transparent and significantly optimizes it. 4mobile OnTour is pre-configured with numerous, tried and tested functions, is seamlessly integrated in your IT environment and works on almost all individually desired and current end devices.

4mobile ensures localization, data exchange and communication with your resources in the field. Your drivers receive all relevant order data electronically via a manufacturer-independent mobile device (PDA, MDE, smartphone, tablet, fixed installation) and confirm all workflows in the software.

Invoice-relevant data such as number and size of packages, packaging material exchange and journey are processed immediately after transmission for automated document generation (invoice, reporting etc.). You always have 100% transparency and security. The Digitalization of processes increases productivity and efficiency of your driver. You also avoid empty runs and optimize your routes.

Functions (excerpt):

  • Entering and planning orders, status messages live from the vehicle, order analysis
  • Sending and receiving messages to individual vehicles or vehicle groups
  • Truck & car navigation with relevant truck attributes
  • Reading of technical vehicle data incl. analysis of consumption and wear data
  • Mobile access to order and customer data from your ERP/CRM system and digital dispatching
  • Navigation and map display
  • Recording of status (waiting, refueling, etc.) driving and rest times or working and break times
  • Recording and monitoring of the cold chain online incl. alarming in case of malfunctions
  • Signature (Proof of Delivery)
  • Mobile receipt and label printing
  • Delivery scanning and photo documentation
  • Electronic mapping and documentation of the process (digital document management)
  • Geo-fencing, automatic delivery notifications and shipment tracking according to individual requirements
  • Optional integration of digital speedometer and vehicle telemetry including telematics functions (eco-driving etc.)

Your Benefits:

  • Process efficiency from disposition to delivery to invoicing
  • Continuous process analysis & monitoring
  • Tour optimization
  • Transparency and service quality for sustainable customer relationships
  • Secure documentation and data archiving in accordance with relevant specifications / legal requirements standards
  • Increased capacity utilization
  • Exact documentation of all tours
  • Optimized fleet management
  • Higher order capacity
  • Scalable for your growth at any time
  • Fast rollout with ROI within a short period of time

4mobile Tacho - Mobile Tacho Data

4mobile Tacho - Mobile Tacho Data

4mobile Tacho is a cost-effective, web-based complete solution for the secure archiving and evaluation of driver and vehicle data as well as for the online display of driving and rest times. This enables logistics companies and freight forwarders to efficiently control and coordinate their vehicle fleets.

4mobile Tacho enables the readout of signed drivers and vehicle data as well as their automatic transmission via mobile radio connection directly from the vehicle to the head office without the vehicles having to return to the company premises. All you need to do is insert the company card into a card reader in the head office.

An on-board unit with a SIM card in the vehicle is connected directly to the digital tachograph so that the data can be read from the vehicle. When there is a change of activity, at least every 15 minutes, this vehicle box transmits the current data package on driver activities, vehicle information and vehicle position data from the digital tachograph to the 4mobile tacho system at 2-minute intervals. The scheduler can thus see the current driving and rest times and the remaining driving time budget of his drivers at any time. In this way, he knows how long his drivers are still allowed to drive and is also informed in good time of any infringements that may occur.

In compliance with legal requirements, all data is stored for 24 months in the high-security data center (ISO 27001) and displayed on a geographical map.

Core Functions

  • All functions can be used from any internet-enabled PC
  • Driving and rest times for all drivers available at the head office and online
  • Entrepreneur Card Remains in Company for Remote Download
  • Display of vehicle details
  • Extensive evaluations enable the legally required checks of driver and vehicle data
  • Permanent vehicle location with track tracking

Your Benefits

  • Online access to driving times and rest periods
  • Remote reading of driver and vehicle data
  • Display of remaining weekly driving time (90 hours rule)
  • Avoidance of fines through early detection of impending infringements
  • No time-consuming software installation
  • Legally compliant data storage for 24 months in a high-security data center (ISO 2700)

4mobile Container Management - The mobile solution for private and municipal waste disposal services

4mobile Container Management - The mobile solution for private and municipal waste disposal services

4mobile for private and municipal waste disposal companies can digitally map all processes from scheduling to order processing. The use of mobile terminals ensures an error-free flow of information between the head office and the driver. Document-supported processes are eliminated, and costs are significantly reduced.

The industry solution 4mobile Container already contains the most important processes of transport companies in waste management. Flexibility and efficiency are particularly important here. Therefore, the solution can be easily adapted to your company-specific processes. Thanks to the modular structure, your IT landscape remains intact. Switch to mobile processes in order to secure your competitive advantage.

Core Functions

  • Display of orders for drivers with detailed information
  • Digital order processing (e.g. placing containers, emptying, fetching and logging GPS locations)
    Recording of status and break times (waiting, refuelling, ...)
  • Automated time recording
  • Recording of obstacle / problem reasons
  • Barcode entry at the containers
  • Connection of (existing) scales and digital data management (e.g. via and to CONWIN)
  • Ready-made interfaces to ERP systems such as CONWIN, RONA, ATHOS, CANDIS.OT, BASION

Your Benefits

  • Fast order transmission from your disposition without paper receipt
  • Transparency and exact documentation of all tours
  • Exact proof of when and where containers were placed, emptied and retrieved (map view)
  • Cost reduction through digital order processing
  • Proof by digital signature of employee and customer
  • Secure archiving of the weighing document for the order

4mobile store supply - Efficient store logistics and shelf management

4mobile store supply - Efficient store logistics and shelf management

As a manufacturer, retailer and logistics service provider, you are always faced with the challenge of making the entire product range available to the customer at the POS and at the same time making your delivery processes flexible and efficient. You can manage all this with the ICS Business App "4mobile" for store logistics and shelf management.

"4mobile Store Delivery" is a specific application for manufacturers, retailers, CEP and logistics service providers. In addition to optimized tours and IT-supported real-time processing of the delivery process, users and dealers benefit from geofencing functions. The retail business thus always proactively learns whether the targeted time windows for delivery are being adhered to and adjusts its planning accordingly.

Core Functions

  • Business app for proactive monitoring
  • Automated returns management
  • Batch traceability
  • Shelf management for optimized shelf loading
  • Real-time data management
  • GEO fencing
  • Track & trace of pallets
  • Value added services
  • Efficient-Consumer-Response

Your Benefits

  • Digital order status and proof of delivery
  • Automated returns management
  • Empties management with returnable transport containers (MTV)
  • Proactive monitoring between disposition and branches
  • Control and improvement of the reliability of goods deliveries
  • Optimized tours and vehicle utilization
  • Efficient flow of goods: from the warehouse to the shelf


Mobile Supply Chain Control in Real Time

Mobile supply chain control in real time


Simple connection from 4mobile to:

Simple connection from 4mobile to:

  • Inventory control system
  • Warehouse management system
  • ERP system

Working hours and expenses

  • Mobile recording of order data relevant to billing: Time recording/spare parts entry/material entry
  • Automatic calculations of your wage and expense models
  • Performance-related recording of working hours
  • Location-specific expense report


  • Mobile geodata acquisition
  • Truck & car navigation with map display
  • Truck navigation with relevant truck attributes

Optimize the most important KPIs

  • Tours
  • Delivery times
  • Delivery flexibility
  • Transportation utilization
  • Transport and delivery costs

Order disposition

  • Real-time scheduling
  • Material flow / transport
  • Storage / retrieval
  • Provision
  • Order picking
  • Loading / unloading / goods issue, goods receipt
  • Control

Mobile order processing

  • Digital order transmission and processing
  • Time recording / digital billing
  • Retrieval of customer history / circuit diagrams
  • Automatic work and service report
  • Photo documentation and digital signature
  • Document printing for the customer

Real-time documentation

  • Real-time scanning for optimal data exchange
  • Real-time localization and tracking of objects
  • Shipment data in real time
  • Service reports in real time
  • Real-time data management between disposition, field service and value added partners

Electronic driving licence control

  • Recording and monitoring of all drivers
  • Regular driver's license checks via NFC scan
  • Reminder function for all employees
  • Warning system at expiration of driving license
  • Counterfeit protection thanks to clear NFC assignment
  • Monitoring and reporting of expiring driving licence modules


  • Digital order processing
  • GPS location of containers
  • Recording of status and rest times
  • Connection of (existing) scales and digital data management
  • Proof of signature
  • Document scan
  • Mobile receipt printing


  • Territory monitoring
  • Mobile geodata acquisition
  • Position monitoring of the vehicle fleet
  • Timeframe planning of truck deliveries
  • Define virtual delivery zones

Eco Driving

  • Analysis of vehicle data for more economical vehicle use


  • Vehicle location via GPS
  • Reading of vehicle data via FMS/CAN bus
  • Analysis of vehicle data

Digital speedometer/Driving and rest periods

  • Online transmission of driving and rest times
  • Display of the current driving time budget for driver and passenger
  • Display of warnings and infringements that have occurred
  • Display of vehicle details
  • Transmission of vehicle coordinates

Automate your mobile processes holistically, with the connection of:


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