Robots & Cobots

Robots & Cobots

Integrative Solutions for Productive Processes  
and New Customer Experiences

Robotics is already an important component of integrative automation in the digital supply chain. Robotics solutions support, among other things, the rationalization of complex production steps and logistical processes, shorten throughput times, increase process reliability and quality, and enable users to achieve productivity advantages. 

Collaborative Robots: Interaction of Man and MachineUntil now, robots have been found in production and assembly lines - limited, secured and separated from human processes. New generations of robots are increasingly changing the role of this technology in the supply chain towards collaborative use, consisting of the interaction of man and machine, which simultaneously opens up more solution flexibility and scalability.

Your Robotics Key Benefits

  • High speed
  • Resource relief
  • Seamless process integration
  • Reduction of shipping lot sizes
  • Emotional worlds of experience
  • Reduction of supply chain costs
  • Shortened order throughput times
  • Sustainable customer relationships
  • Scalable lifecycle services for maximum investment protection


Innovative developments such as highly intelligent AI systems, Big Data Business Intelligence, voice-guided robotics solutions and humanoid robots are rapidly broadening and deepening the application spectrum. In addition to classic industrial value creation, the direct satisfaction of end customer needs (e.g. at the POS) is becoming a key success factor for today's and tomorrow's robot applications.

Thanks to many years of project experience and a network of technology partners, the ICS Group integrates sustainable and perfectly coordinated industrial robots and collaborative robots into your lines as well as service robots into the point of sale. We deliver customized software components and scalable managed services in a solution package tailored to your individual needs so that you can benefit from highly available process automation in the long term.

With Robotics solutions from ICS, you eliminate the weak points of manual processes, work more productively and reliably in your intralogistics and are also prepared for new customer experiences at the touchpoint with your customer. As a professional solution developer and integrator, we focus on your individual process and your existing infrastructure when designing your robotics solution.

Convince yourself in a personal consultation how we support your business success with integrative robotics solutions.


Industrial and Service Robots

For Your Supply Chain


Eliminate manual process vulnerabilities and increase productivity.

Robots automate essential but often monotonous tasks such as production, assembly and packaging processes. Increasingly, they are also taking over more advanced processes in the supply chain, such as collaborative assembly, marking processes and picking tasks in warehouse management. They solve complex tasks such as intelligent product feeding, gripping and precise positioning (picking and placing).

Your benefits:

  • Standardized Process
  • Increased throughput
  • Qualitative collection process
  • Introduction of more ergonomic working conditions
  • Avoidance of mixing
  • 99% process reliability
  • Elimination of manual vulnerabilities
  • Increase in productivity and quality
  • Process transparency

For Wholesale and Retail Trade


Recognize shelf gaps, shortages and incorrect price labels. 

Service robots support the optimization of the assortment by recognizing shelf gaps, missing stock and incorrect price labels and transmitting them in real time to the MMS/ERP. Completely autonomous and without personnel deployment, the robot performs tasks in the salesroom, relieves personnel, creates more process transparency and increases productivity. Inventories in the salesroom and warehouse can be automated. Errors are minimized, value-added services are created and the total cost of ownership is reduced.

Your benefits:

  • Up to 5% increase in turnover due to highest availability of goods
  • More customer satisfaction through optimized product ranges
  • 60% increase in employee productivity
  • Personnel-independent deployment
  • Resource relief
  • Optimization of TCO
  • Error minimization

Emotional Customer Experiences


Give your customers a better attitude to life through all-round service.

Flexible, emotional and competent, humanoid robots come into contact with guests. Their functions are versatile, whether as attractive entertainers, reliable consultants or promoters. The (semi-)humanoid robot is excellently suited for carrying out customer advisory functions or presenting special promotions and discounts due to its customizable voice dialogue and display contents. They are individually programmed for you according to your requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Voice dialogue
  • Emotional product / Offer & company presentation
  • Customer reception
  • Vocal and dance performance
  • Seating order
  • Order acceptance
  • Shorten waiting times through entertainment
  • Promotion



Your partner for integrative Robotics Solutions

The ICS Group develops and implements individual and integrative robotics solutions for retail, logistics and customer experience worlds. We advise you competently and process-based in order to design the digital transformation in the store, warehouse or at the point of sale. You benefit from tailor-made solutions that ensure seamless process transparency in real time and provide new value-added services for your customers.

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