Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Automatic Data Capture
via AI-supported Image Data Analysis  

With the help of AI-driven systems, companies can leverage unprecedented visibility and analytics to make data-driven decisions. Computer Vision is a valuable tool for companies in the manufacturing, logistics and warehousing industries. The technology makes it possible to analyze complex visual data, recognize patterns, track movements and monitor inventory in real time.

Computer Vision


Advantages of Computer Vision in Intralogistics

Computer VisionFully automated scanning

Computer VisionFast and efficient transactions

Computer VisionBasis for further automated workflows

Computer VisionReal-time transparency

Computer VisionError prevention

Computer VisionDocumentation of the transfer of risk to the transport service provider



Use Case: Automated Scanning at Incoming and Outgoing Goods

Cameras are installed at the gates in incoming and outgoing goods, which have direct view of the goods, e.g. pallets. 1D or 2D barcodes are applied to the goods and the cameras read the content of the code when movement is detected.

The AI checks and verifies which is the correct barcode and merges it with the associated information from the WMS database. The system creates the relevant processes and transactions in the background.