ICS Real-Time Locating System

ICS Real-Time Locating System

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Eliminate Search Time, Increase Productivity

The ICS Real-Time Location System (ICS RTLS) is a safe and cost-effective system solution that allows you to locate load carriers (e.g. pallets and reusable containers) as well as transportation equipment (e.g. forklifts or mobile workers with pallet trucks / picking trucks) in warehouse environments with high accuracy in real time.

The system solution works with the industrial standard Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE), which is individually and precisely adjusted and IT integrated according to your requirements. Compared to other common tracking solutions, the implementation is performed with minimal effort.

For each search process previously performed manually, the ICS RTLS enables you to save valuable time. 

In addition, the system can automatically log the movements of goods, i.e. without additional scanning or alternative confirmation processes. Integrated within your higher-level transport control system or warehouse management system, the solution represents your integrative basis for optimized routes and the best possible use of resources. 

ROI benefits can be seen within a short period of time, with the highest process transparency, reliability and significantly increased productivity.

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS)


ICS RTLS with BLE: High Flexibility and Sustainability


Your containers and your means of transport are equipped with space-saving Bluetooth Tags for the positioning solution. Alternatively, Bluetooth-capable end devices such as handhelds or vehicle computers can also be located. The highly accuracy, tracking system is enabled by the use of Locators, which are integrated to the infrastructure (usually in ceiling areas). 

In comparison to GPS positioning, which is very limited in indoor areas and has a comparatively high battery requirement in operation, localization via Bluetooth LE is established with minimal energy consumption and long operating times. The Bluetooth LE standard is also convincing in comparison with active RFID transponders due to low battery consumption.

  • High accuracy and high availability
  • Long operating hours with economical battery consumption
  • Eliminated search times
  • Optimized routes
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Flexible integration and scalability
  • Consulting, software, integration and services from supply chain experts from one source
  • Inventories
  • Goods transfer
  • Picking
  • Replenishment control
  • Means of transport control
  • Customer guidance in retail environments

„We had been looking for a solution that would allow us to track all of our mobile devices in the warehouse for some time. We found what we were looking for with the indoor tracking system from ICS and were able to increase our productivity due to the elimination of search times - not least through integration with our video monitoring. Initial results were so convincing that we decided to extend the project to our means of transport.“

- P. Leimbeck, Managing Director SCHERBAUER Spedition GmbH


ICS integrates the system solution according to individual requirements of higher-level systems, such as transport control systems or Stradivari® WMS. With ICS software modules like graphical route navigation, sensors for Z-coordinates and/or automatic temperature monitoring as well as analytics for KPI control, the solution can be scaled as required.

In addition to individual services for hardware and end devices, ICS also offers flexible financing models for fast and global rollouts without tying up liquidity in high investments.

Let the ICS RTLS help you to optimize your processes in the Industry 4.0 approach and to use your resources, equipment and goods in an optimal way.

We will be happy to demonstrate the ICS Real-Time Locating System via WebSession with Live Demo. Please let us know your preferred date/time.

Rüdiger Thomas Kreis

Rüdiger Thomas Kreis

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