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Innovative Wearable Revolutionizes Mobile Data Management

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The ICS Group 4mobile Business Smartwatch enables users from different areas like production, logistic, retail and service to manage data mobile and handsfree – completely autonomously, without any additional hardware. This innovative Android smartwatch meets regulated industry standards including protection class IP67, mobile radio and WLAN, 5-megapixel camera and powerful 600 mAh battery – all to wear on the wrist. The mobile communication is made via touch-screen using the integrated business app 4mobile.

4mobile is based on a flexible mobile business framework which allows individual customizing and mobile transactions in short time and minor cost requirements. Therefore, 4mobile system is connected to other superordinate IT systems like SAP® ERP and service platforms such as ServiceNow® or Stradivari® WMS. Users of the ICS Group warehouse management system STRADIVARI® already benefit from a standard smartwatch integration which supports handsfree commissioning or stock location through scanning.

Optionally you can also link the smartwatch via Bluetooth with other devices to attend any individual requirements. Examples include 2D mini or 2D ring fingerprint scanners for automatic data capture, mobile printers for on-demand label and document printing as well as headsets for voice-based data management.

Key Points

  • Smartwatch meets industry standards
    with mobile radio and WLAN
  • Integrated business app "4mobile",
    with flexible architecture
  • Completely autonomously operation -
    no additional hardware needed
  • Easy integration in superordinate IT systems
  • Optional with 2D mini scanner, headset, mobile printer for individual processing
  • The solution (hardware + software + integration) replaces data capture with MDE, PDA or tablet


Key Points


4mobile Business Smartwatch - Innovative wearable revolutionizes mobile data management 4mobile Business Smartwatch - Innovative wearable revolutionizes mobile data management 4mobile Business Smartwatch - Innovative wearable revolutionizes mobile data management 4mobile Business Smartwatch - Innovative wearable revolutionizes mobile data management 4mobile Business Smartwatch - Innovative wearable revolutionizes mobile data management 4mobile Business Smartwatch - Innovative wearable revolutionizes mobile data management


Application Fields of the 4mobile Business Smartwatch



Control of production facilities, proactive status messages for replenishment, disruptions, service needed and more.



IT-supported order entry, shelf maintenance, pricing, inventory and return management.

Intra Logistics

The Stradivari Warehouse Management System offers full flexibility to integrate all mobile devices for mobile data capture, such as the 4mobile Business Smartwatch.

Digital image of goods receipt,
output and transfer, order picking and dispatch order.


Intra Logistics

Documentation of maintenance on machines and devices including photo function, time recording and more.

Transport Logistics

The 4mobile Business Smartwatch enables your delivery and field service staff to capture data hands-free, maximizing the productivity of your field service.

Automated disposition of delivery and collection order in real time, mobile order processing.


Transport Logistics

Other requirements? The solution is developed according to your needs – without loss of time and high costs.

Digital Transformation by Economic Design

Wherever mobile data needs to be collected and called up in real-time the 4mobile Business Smartwatch is an efficient and ergonomic alternative to data capture via MDE, PDA or tablet. The smartwatch combined with flexible app provides a new efficient solution for mobile transactions in small and medium-sized businesses. Compared to traditional solutions the total operating cost of mobile IT are significantly reduced - without functional or performance restrictions.

You save time and money - and gains productivity. The savings are explained by comparatively low hardware acquisition and operating costs. The hands-free handling as well as the process automation ensure the sustainable productivity gain.

4mobile is a solution that offers the possibility to reorganize existing processes and to design new business models. With 4mobile employees will be proactively notified of orders and will be able to work them out using mobile communication.

The solution is ideally suited to enable all kind and size of companies to entry into digital age and to create new services adding value for their customers.

The ICS Group won with its 4mobile Business Smartwatch the Telematics Award 2016 in the “Networked production” category. The Telematics Award honors outstanding development performances in the field of vehicle and human telematics every year.

Your Key Benefits

  • Efficient data management
  • All business functions integrated
  • Optimated total cost of ownership
  • Ergonomic workflows
  • Individual mobile transactions
  • Customizing without high costs
Your Key Benefits
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