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ARCUS Clinics

Body temperature screening system  
automates infection prevention.  

Our Client

The ARCUS Clinics unite two powerful clinical health care companies under one roof: The ARCUS Sports Clinic, a private clinic existing since 1995, and the ARCUS Clinic, a public planned hospital for patients of all insurance companies. The ARCUS Clinic was opened in 2006 and is included in the bed requirement plan of the state of Baden-Württemberg with 50 beds in the orthopedics and trauma surgery department. With more than 11,000 operations and about 63,000 outpatients per year, the ARCUS Clinics are one of the largest orthopedic-sport-traumatology-accident surgery centers in Germany and throughout Europe.


The company
ARCUS Kliniken und Praxen


The Challenge

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 virus entry into the clinic, additional personnel resources of a security service for manual fever measurement and mask checks at the clinic entrances had to be provided. The approximately 400 body temperature measurements per day have so far been carried out by hand thermometers. The manual solution proved to be time-consuming, at the expense of the smooth operation of the clinic and thus ultimately being uneconomical. In addition, transparent process documentation was previously lacking.

Project Challenges

  • Elimination of manual resources for fever- and face mask control
  • Safe and economical automation
  • Fully GDPR compliant process

The Solution

Experts of the ARCUS hygiene team have consulted with the clinic management about innovative measures for infection prevention and have decided to use the ICS body temperature screening system. As a first step, a stationary system was installed at the visitor entrance. There, the DSGVO-compliant complete solution measures human body temperature automatically and contactless in tenths of a second via infrared camera. If the defined limit value is exceeded during temperature measurement, an alarm signal is triggered and the affected visitor is denied access to the clinic. Manual measurement for follow-up control is possible. In case of violation of the mask obligation, visitors are automatically requested by the system to put on the mask. After the successful introduction at the visitor entrance, ARCUS made the decision to install a second stationary scanner at the staff and supplier entrance.


  • Automatic and contactless body temperature measurement, without personnel
  • GDPR compliant visitor statistics

"With the body temperature screening system from ICS, we are currently taking approximately 400 measurements per day at our clinic entrances, including automatic face mask recognition. Since previous manual process steps have been eliminated and the new solution has met with a high level of acceptance among patients, visitors, employees and suppliers alike, the acquisition costs have already been fully amortized in the first month after rollout."

Customer reference - ARCUS Clinics

Albrecht Bühler, Head of Materials Management - ARCUS Kliniken

The Result

With the implementation of the automatic body temperature screening system, the prerequisite for a gradual transition to normal operation was met for the clinic. The measure has optimized the use of resources in the security service. The reliable process also indirectly supports the best possible patient care. The anonymous measurement data is transparent and displayed in real-time in the statistics web backend for authorized personnel. Since the solution has met with a high level of acceptance among patients, visitors, employees and suppliers, the acquisition costs have already been amortized within the first month after rollout.


  • Replacement of the manual hand thermometer scanning
  • Mask recognition with audio-visual alarm
  • Directly controlled access control
  • Automatic measurements of about 400 visitors per day
  • Direct investment amortization within one month
  • Documentation of anonymous measurement data in the statistics web backend
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