DSV Road GmbH

DSV Road GmbH

Seamless Process Transparency and Process Security  
through mobile Business Application.  

Our customer

DSV is an international transport and logistics service provider headquartered in Denmark. As a long-standing logistics partner of a large food retailer, DSV ensures the nationwide supply of more than 1,800 branches in Germany via several distribution centres. On average, more than 20,000 pallets of approximately 1,000 trucks are moved throughout Germany every day.


The company
DSV Road GmbH

Transport and logistics service provider

The Challenge

Ordered goods must be delivered reliably, punctually and efficiently to the consumer markets. Against the background of the constantly increasing throughput of goods and various delivery variables, such as transport modes, order quantities, inventory, delivery time window and vehicle status, the decision to digitally integrate the entire branch logistics, including fleet management, was indispensable. In addition to scheduling, seamless track & trace, automated shipping notifications and voucherless delivery confirmations, the solution also had to provide meaningful analysis and monitoring functions for ongoing process optimization.

Project Challenges

  • Management of an increasing throughput of goods
  • Reduction of the risk of productivity and quality losses
  • Real-time synchronization of the flow of goods and information
  • Optimization of tours, delivery times and means of transport utilization

The Solution

Based on the suitable solution concept, the choice fell on the digitization partner ICS Group and the business app "4mobile OnTour". 4mobile was connected directly to the higher-level DSV-IT and provides the central controlling instrument as a Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS) with a secure web portal. This includes graphic scheduling, real-time monitoring of routes and vehicles and real-time documentation of the respective order status.

The drivers use 4mobile on mobile and robust business PDAs. They navigate via map to the DSV hubs and branches, optimized for tours and taking into account the current traffic situation. On site, the paperless delivery confirmation is made by barcode scanning and proof of delivery on the graphical 4mobile interface. The status of goods can be easily documented using the photo function. The integrated packaging module transparently displays the exchange of the plastic pallets developed and recyclable by DSV. In addition and in terms of sustainability, the 4mobile scanners and a QR code interface prepared by ICS have recently made it possible for the DSV incoming goods driver to return recyclable materials without paper or delivery notes (also: reverse logistics).

Via GPS and Geo-Fencing function, the 4mobile system automatically informs distribution centres and branches at the estimated time of arrival of the truck in order to trigger subsequent processes, such as gate management (or truck feed control) and vehicle unloading without loss of time. Any status changes and deviations are also automatically reported to the consignee. Using a fleet management interface (FMS), the ICS software also guarantees direct data exchange of telemetry values of the vehicles and thus supports sustainable economic driving behaviour.


  • Development of a sustainable solution concept for the last mile
  • Integration of the 4mobile SaaS-Solution (Business-App and Web Portal) with DSV-IT
  • Holistic project management in store logistics
ICS Group customer

The Result

The bidirectional real-time data management significantly supports order control and monitoring, as well as reliable deadline deliveries and guarantees seamless track & trace throughout the entire delivery process. All relevant data is available to authorized persons anytime and anywhere. Paper reports and manual bookings are a matter of the past. In addition, the IT-supported process ensures significant savings in resources, for example on the part of the scheduler, driver and recipient.

DSV was, last but not least, able to significantly improve the quality of service in the delivery process and promote customer relations. Overall, DSV and the retail chain benefit from seamless process transparency and security in retail store logistics. In addition, both partners participate in the gain in productivity and the long-term reduction of administrative costs as well as the sustainable reduction of total operating costs.


  • Bidirectional real-time data management
  • Digital transport processes in real time
  • Seamless track & trace across the entire delivery process
  • Resource relief through IT-supported process
  • Increase in service quality
  • Reliable delivery dates
  • Comprehensive data availability and visibility (for authorized persons)
  • Supporting of sustainable logistics / green logistics
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