PCK Raffinerie GmbH

PCK Raffinerie GmbH

Resource transparency and process  
optimization on the factory premises  

Our Customer

With 1,200 employees, PCK Raffinerie GmbH in Schwedt is the largest employer in the Uckermark and one of the strongest economic companies in Brandenburg. Up to twelve million tons of crude oil are processed every year. The main products are fuels (kerosene, diesel, gasoline), heating oil, bitumen and materials for the chemical industry.

The PCK refinery supplies 95 percent of the Berlin and Brandenburg areas with fuel. The market share of the total German fuel production is about ten percent. PCK was one of the first refineries in Germany to use biofuels and is itself a major manufacturer of high-quality biofuel components.

In a Nutshell

The Company
PCK Raffinerie GmbH

Chemical Industry

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PCK's Challenge

More than 60 external service providers work on the premises of the PCK refinery with up to 1,000 external maintenance workers in turnaround. So far, the location traffic of the material / tools used is purely paper-based and / or on demand.

PCK was looking for a cloud-based transport control system (TLS) which supports the distribution of goods and resources with external service providers on the premises so that everyone can access it. The solution needed to be a mobile application with a web control station. In addition, the PCK vision was to equip the turnaround material container transparently, to document the material output process to external maintenance workers and additionally to generate material requirements directly from TLS.

Project Challenges

  • Digitalization of document-based material movements
  • Integration of external service providers
  • “Digital” material container in turnaround

Our Solution

The web-based eTLS® from ICS Group allows PCK to have an internally controlled transport organization with the possibility of a transparent and prioritized transport tracking of material acceptance/material delivery. Through the obtained material information the bills of materials should subsequently be modified in the higher-level ERP system, to offer optimized material provision in the next turnaround. Handling units are transparently viewed and controlled. The creation of order priorities offers the possibility to handle transports flexibly. Depending on the order, the transport location can be documented as an allocated space, photo or as GPS position which allows a flexible usage anywhere on the factory premises.

The API-based modern interface design allows a seamless and secure communication between the eTLS and the parent PCK system. The eTLS provides storage functions for temporary storage room - as interim storage and substore.


  • Transparent and prioritized transport tracking
  • Available as app with quick registration
  • Multi-stage transports with interim storage integration
PCK Raffinerie

The Result

The transport control system enables PCK to better utilize its resources and optimize its internal processes. The centralized data management allows for transparent goods movements and thus better coordination between the external service providers on the refinery premises. Through the rapid integration of external service providers the cloud-based tool can be launched without preparation.


  • Time savings through reduced search times
  • Process optimization due to transparent transport
  • Improved coordination between service providers
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