Tally Weijl Trading AG

Tally Weijl Trading AG

Intuitive retail app ensures efficient inventories in day-to-day business

Our Customer

Tally Weijl Trading AG is a textile retail company with its own fashion collection. It currently operates more than 900 stores, some of which are franchised, and employs 3,400 people (as of  2019). Furthermore, the company is family-owned and headquartered in Basel.

In 1987, the first Tally Weijl store was opened in Fribourg, Switzerland. Opening its first store in Germany in 1997, they then started a rapid expansion across Europe in the following years, opening new stores almost every week.


In short

The Company
Tally Weijl Trading AG

Retail / Fashion

Tally Weijl’s Challenge

Store inventories are an important tool for Tally Weijl to analyze its stock levels and the goods handling processes. More than 75% of the items are located on the sales area. In the past, inventory was performed solely manually making it error-prone, complex and time-consuming – either during business hours, to the expense of sales or outside the business hours leading to overtime and additional costs. In addition to the inefficient process, jeopardizing employee motivation, the inadequate traceability of inventory differences was affecting the company’s success.

Project Challenges 

  • Elimination of the manual inventory process
  • Feasibility parallel to daily business
  • Reduction of additional costs

Our Solution

Tally Weijl was looking for an automated stocktaking and inventory process that would provide complete transparency and significant time and cost savings at its sites. The company found the ideal solution concept in the “ICS Store Manager” enabling error-minimized good receipt posting as well as intuitive inventories directly in the day-to-day business – without high investment costs.

The individually designed application consists of an ergonomic, one-handed operable handheld and dialog-guided software. By using barcode scanning, the items are posted in the receipt of goods and recorded during inventory and automatically assigned to the sales zone. At the same time, the system is loading the relevant cash register information in the background. During the counting process, intuitively designed check and confirmation dialogs as well as subtotals for product groups are supporting the process reliability. Once the inventory has been completed, the collected data is transferred to the cash register system via batch and posted in the ERP system. Possible shortages can thus be permanently identified and clearly assigned in day-to-day business.


  • Customized software app „ICS StoreManager
  • Ergonomic devices in cell phone format
  • Simple scanning process and intuitive dialog guidance

Solution Solution 


“By using the intuitive and ergonomic inventory solution from ICS, we relieve our employees and ensure the data quality in process.”

The Result

The secure ICS solution significantly simplifies and accelerates inventory and stocktaking. All documentation requirements in terms of completeness, accuracy and verifiability are fulfilled. Tally Weijl benefits in the long term from the optimization of costs and sales. In addition, the scalable solution is already prepared for future requirements.


  • Minimization of errors during inventory
  • Time and cost savings
  • Process transparency
  • Secure documentation
  • Focus on the sales business
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