Corona Pandemic: The ICS Group body temperature screening system supports the lockdown exit in companies and the public sector

Kelsterbach, May 14, 2020: With the ICS body temperature screening system, the ICS Group (ICS) offers a solution for the automated measuring of the human body temperature which can be operated by stationary or mobile scan. With a measuring accuracy of about 0.2 degrees Celsius and a measuring time of approx. two tenths of a second, the ICS system is one of the trailblazers for contactless infrared scanning on the market. Potential feverish diseases can be detected reliably so that the necessary steps regarding work and health protection can be taken right away. Measuring results are signaled optically and/or acoustically. Access systems (such as turnstiles and automatic door openers) can be controlled optionally. Even multi-step access processes can be handled. Where proof is required, the measurements can be visualized fully anonymized in a statistic web backend. The solution is instantly operational, highly scalable, and also convinces through its cost-benefit ratio.

Hygiene and access solutions as well as the appropriate documentation are currently indispensable in many companies and in official buildings in order to protect the health of staff and customers, and to meet the recently adopted easing measures of confederation and countries in the Corona pandemic. For employers, those systems are fundamental when it comes to resume business operations. With its body temperature screening system, the supply chain digitizer ICS offers a practice-approved overall solution which is convincing in both quality and price. Individual, quick, and contactless temperature measurement is done automatically, from a distance of about 0.5 meters 0,5 Meter – and there is no need for additional staff. This pro-active protection of labor safeguards business operation and supports quality management, not only in productional companies.

„Our system configuration is in conformity with the applicable data protection regulations; no personal data will be saved. The optional web backend is available only for anonymized statistical analysis to allow the users to meet their duty of documentation. “This way we meet all the requirements of work councils or data security officers”, says Oliver Moser, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the ICS Group.

The ICS system is designed for cross-sectoral use, for instance at employee entrances in productional companies, workshops and storerooms, hotels, restaurants, and inns as well as in hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes, and in educational institutions, sports facilities, retailers, public administration, and office buildings.

Stationary application is done by means of a compact panel PC and is optionally available including the appropriate rack and convenient hygiene product holders. The handy business MDE supports mobile application. Both devices run on AndroidTM and, with protection class IP55 and IP65/67 respectively, are meant for industrial application. Apart from infrared scans, the computers optionally integrate useful features or external devices such as ID card readers, IC card readers, and 2D-/ barcode scanners.

ICS will install the solution tailored to customer’s requirements, at a fair price, and in various roll-out packages. „Even for less than 200.00 Euros per month, companies will get a highly available system solution, including services desk, remote management, mobile device management, and other full-service components“, explains José da Silva, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of ICS.

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