Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare & Pharma

Keeping an Eye on Health at All Times  

As a company active in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, you provide technologies and services that support doctors and staff in their daily work. For this, you constantly develop innovations that focus on improving the health and well-being of the population.

You communicate with hospital teams and patients and know what's important. Your goal is to offer solutions that deliver fast help, thus contributing to speedy patient recovery and healthier life.

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Healthcare & Pharma?

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More Transparency and Security Through Optimized Processes

Healthcare & Pharma

Raw Material Manufacturers

Easier compliance with regulations (e.g. labeling & back tracking)


Healthcare & Pharma

Pharmaceutical Wholesale

Increased safety through batch backtracking
(end-2-end traceability)

Healthcare & Pharma


Treat and identify patients more quickly and securely (patient ID band)

Healthcare & Pharma


Treatment status accessible
at any time

Healthcare & Pharma


Protection of sensitive goods
(counterfeiting & theft protection)


Quick-Links to Selected Healthcare Solutions & Services

Healthcare & Pharma

Error-Free Label Printing

More security through label printers with integrated label checking.

Healthcare & Pharma

SCM Networker

Automated logistics control and efficient maintenance of product inventories.

Healthcare & Pharma

Warehouse Management

GMP-compliant storage and delivery of finished pharmaceuticals.


Our Customers


„Thanks to ICS process advice, processing times per order were significantly reduced while transparency and security were considerably increased. Pharmacies and their customers now benefit from a reliable drug supply chain.“


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