Set the Course for Global Omnichannel Logistics  

Set the Course for Global Omnichannel Logistics  

Faster, More Flexible, Smarter - with Future-Proof Solutions

Trade is an important driver of logistics. E-commerce and multichannel applications have experienced considerable annual growth rates in the recent past. The consumer is now used to "smart shopping" via all channels and the demand for e.g. Same Day Delivery / Next Day Delivery, 100% delivery transparency or even free returns is growing every day. Seasonal peaks, such as the Christmas business, further exacerbate the logistical challenges.

The current topics of logistics in the end-consumer business can also be transferred to the B2B segment across industries. Whether supplier, producer, dealer / service provider - all partners in the supply chain want to benefit continuously from fast and error-minimized goods movements, as well as seamless track & trace via the supply chain. The competitive pressure in global markets and global supply chains is high.

As a service provider in Transport & Logistics, you are right in the middle of this and you have to be agile with the current and future requirements of your customers. Your goal is to be faster, more precise and more reliable than your competitors - while taking sustainable processes into account in terms of economic and ecological efficiency. Digital transformation opens up considerable opportunities for you.

ICS Quick Check Analysis:

  • Low effort, high expressiveness
  • Quick basis for decision-making
  • Pointing out of optimization potentials
  • Presentation of productivity advantages of the latest IT technologies
  • Use of standards and benchmarks
  • Optimal basis for solution concept


More Transparency and Security through Optimized Processes

Transportation & Logistics

Warehouse Logistics

Efficiency utilization through mobile technologies from receipt to dispatch

Transportation & Logistics

Distribution Centers

Resolve complaints quickly through
visual documentation of risk transfer

Transportation & Logistics

Freight Forwarders

Reduction of turnaround times through
optimized resource management

Transportation & Logistics

Port & Shipping Logistics

Track containers and control the flow
of goods with intelligent networking

Transportation & Logistics

Aviation Logistics

Track & trace special air cargo across
borders and service providers

Transportation & Logistics

Rail Freight Transport

Identify and track goods and
hazardous materials

Transportation & Logistics

Logistics Services

Reduce handling costs through
optimized warehouse management

Transportation & Logistics

CEP Service Providers

Same-day delivery through use of
innovative mobile technologies

Transportation & Logistics

Bus and Taxi Services

More safety: Check driving and
resting times of your driver at any time


Transport & Logistics Solutions & Services

Transportation & Logistics

ICS Warehouse App

Error-free and paperless documentation of goods movements in the warehouse.

Transportation & Logistics

Stradivari® WMS

Automation and modernization of your warehouse processes.

Transportation & Logistics


Precisely locate load carriers in warehouse environments in real time.

Transportation & Logistics

4mobile Ontour

Map transport processes of CEP and logistics service providers and forwarding agents digitally in real time.

Transportation & Logistics

Network Technologies

Secure Wi-Fi infrastructure thanks to site survey, radio analysis and interference frequency analysis.

Transportation & Logistics

Android Mobility

Mobility and seamless connectivity in the supply chain.


Our Customers


"With ICS Group we found a service provider with proven Wi-Fi expertise in the logistics environment, and the only company able to implement our ambitious project in the short term. ICS ensures the high availability and reliability of IT for cross-company automation of the supply chain."


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