Caritasverband Singen-Hegau e. V.  

Caritasverband Singen-Hegau e. V.  

Enhanced competitiveness thanks to
automated labeling.  


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Our Client

As a regional Catholic welfare association, Caritasverband Singen-Hegau e.V. has provided for many years decentralized, diverse and differentiated services for the handicapped. They provide facilities and services for the care and support of people with disabilities in the region of Singen and Hegau. With about 200 full-time employees and the same number of volunteer staff, Caritasverband is a major player in providing welfare services.


The company
Caritasverband Singen-Hegau e.V.

Social Services

The Challenge

Thousands of dowels are packed every day in the workshop of Stockach. Products and packaging are labeled out by hand, a task that requires substantial staff deployment. Workforce are therefore missing in other workplaces, such as order processing. Added to this is the fact that people with disabilities cannot be involved in the production process in the same way as people who do not face these challenges. It is therefore important for the workshops to compensate for the reduced efficiency in order to compete economically in the long term on the market.

Project Challenges

  • Conversion of manual labeling
  • Involving people with disabilities
  • Taking into account reduced efficiency
  • Competitive positioning of the workshops in the long run

The Solution

Personnel deployment for the labeling process has been minimized significantly in the Stockach workshop. A comprehensive labeling system with cover labeling has been implemented during ongoing operations. Together with the users, the machine was adapted to the special needs of the employees. In the Singen workshop, a labeling system for top and side labeling has been introduced that efficiently handles a variety of commission orders.

Caritas receives support through the personalized service of ICS. Before and during machine commissioning, ICS ensured that processes were optimally adapted to the on-site use. The easy and straightforward operation of the label dispenser can be quickly learned by people with disabilities and is therefore perfect for sheltered workshops.


  • Commissioning of labeling machines during ongoing operations
  • Integration of machines with simple and uncomplicated handling
  • Individual service adapted to local needs

The Result

By incorporating semi-automatic machines in the production process, Caritas can compensate performance deficits and save resources. Employees can be used more effectively elsewhere in the production process. This leads to an overall process improvement. Caritas can take on higher order volumes and thus achieve business benefits.


  • Resource savings lead to process improvement
  • Optimal use of personnel in operation
  • Higher order volumes can be accepted thanks to optimized work processes
  • Business benefits through continuous process optimization
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