Druckhaus Kay GmbH

Druckhaus Kay GmbH

Process Automation & Process Optimization
through Intelligent Warehouse Management.  


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Our Client

Druckhaus Kay is a service company for printing and media. Founded in 1975 as a printing house, Druckhaus Kay is continuously developing and has opened up further business areas, such as media design, offset and digital printing, refinement, the lettershop or digital media. As an additional special service, Kay also offers warehousing and fullfilment. The entire warehousing and dispatch process is taken over and it is ensured that print products are available to the customer exactly to the point.



The Company
Druckhaus Kay GmbH

Media Industry

The Challenge

In addition to the growing number of customers and the increased throughput, the overloading of employees has been a great challenge for Druckhaus Kay so far. Kay was therefore faced with the question of either investing in more space (25%) or making maximum use of existing storage space as part of a digital transformation strategy, while at the same time increasing employee satisfaction.

Project Challenges

  • Growing number of customers, higher throughput
  • Increase of storage capacity by 25%.
  • Staff dissatisfaction due to overload
  • Rising personnel costs


„We are printers and not logisticians, which is why the entire logistics process must be as automated as possible.“

 Michael Kay, Managing Partner

The Solution

As a first step, ICS carried out a fast analysis with Druckhaus Kay at the end of December 2016. The jointly developed list of ideas and measures formed the basis for a necessary holistic, goal-oriented change management process.

By restructuring the processes, reviewing the warehouse technologies and making organizational adjustments, a plan of action was drawn up for the formulated objectives. In order to achieve the required goals, Kay decided to partner with ICS to utilize their warehouse management software Stradivari® WMS as well as for a new warehouse lift system (KARDEX), which is managed and controlled directly by the ICS LVS.


  • Implementation of a fast analysis and development of a digital transformation strategy
  • Implementation of software, hardware and warehouse technologies from a single source
  • Holistic project management

The Result

Through the implementation of the ICS software Stradivari® WMS, staff satisfaction has returned. The employees work concentrated and are supported by mobile Android devices of the latest generation. In the picking area, they scan the container and the contents as well as the next step is automatically displayed on their devices. Service provider shipping labels are automatically printed and stock levels are transparently managed. Wooden pallets are marked with a barcode label in order to carry out subsequent processes, such as loading and load securing without errors. Picking orders, processes and technologies now interact exactly. The customers order their goods online directly from their own intranet at Kay. Orders are recorded by the order entry system and, if ordered by 12pm, will reach the customer the next day in over 99% of the cases. 


  • Automated work processes
  • Transparent inventory management
  • Coordinated orders, processes & technologies
  • Relief of personnel
  • Next-Day-Delivery for orders placed before 12 noon
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