Transparency thanks to barcode technology  
with wireless data connection to SAP®.  

Our Client

MAHLE Group, headquartered in Stuttgart, is one of the 30 largest automotive suppliers worldwide and, with 110 production sites on four continents, one of the leading development partners in the automotive industry. As a manufacturer of pistons, valves and filter systems, MAHLE also supplies the mechanical and plant engineering industry and automotive aftermarket.


The company


The Challenge

The Mahle plant in St. Michael did not manage the material and information flow in production and storage with a complete barcode system. The company wanted to improve logistics through the introduction of a SAP® system that would enable time-critical applications and traceability. In addition, they hoped to achieve process and efficiency optimization through the implementation of a wireless local area network.

Project challenges

  • Manual picking
  • Improving logistics for time-critical applications and traceability
  • Implementation of a wireless local area network

The Solution

The material movements are recorded promptly with mobile ICS RF technology throughout the plant and transmitted via the SAP® console, already contained in the SAP® package, directly to the WWS. As the SAP® Console is a standardized interface, a wide range of devices can be used. Mobile computers such as the MC9190 and forklift terminals can be utilized. All units can be operated comfortably via special menu navigation. Incoming deliveries are tagged with an identity card that is recorded in SAP® and assigned a barcode for traceability within the plant.


  • Recording of material movements with ICS RF technologies
  • Use of forklift terminals and RDTs with easy-to-use menu navigation
  • Deliveries marked with barcodes are tagged with an identity card

The Result

MAHLE was able to accelerate many processes in the company. The data radio solutions communicate directly with the newly introduced SAP® ERP system without additional middleware. By reading the container coding on various identification points, transparency and traceability of the internal logistics and manufacturing processes were improved. Any vulnerabilities in the flow of materials or sources of error in production can be more easily identified and isolated. Other benefits include the reduction of transport times and empty trips as well as a reduction in processing times through easy and accurate scanner statements.


  • Significant process acceleration
  • Data radio solutions communicate directly with SAP®
  • Transparent internal logistics and production
  • Easier identification of error sources
  • Reduced transport times and empty runs
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