Managed Services

Managed Services

Efficiency Through IT Outsourcing  

In the area of managed services, our experts from ICS Services are at your disposal to guarantee you highly available IT at all times. ICS Services meets the daily challenges of the IT landscape through integrative process optimization with individual advice, standardized and tailor-made service packages and benchmarking knowledge from over 30 years of experience and more than 4,000 internationally implemented projects. We control, monitor and maintain your IT - either selectively or completely. 

Managed Services

ICS Services

Your Key-Benefits

  • Complexity reduction and resource relieving in your IT through outsourcing.
  • Optimized budgets for maximum IT security and IT performance through frame contracts.

Onsite Services

Onsite services for IT environments play a crucial role in effectively servicing and supporting your business. Services such as proactive maintenance and onsite repairs enable onsite IT resources to be managed, maintained and optimized. With an experienced team of technicians and experts, problems can be quickly identified and resolved to ensure smooth functionality of the IT infrastructure. Onsite services also offer personal and tailor-made support that meets the specific requirements of your company.  

Remote Services

Your IT infrastructure is subject to a life-cycle that needs professional accompaniment. With our solutions, you can sustainably secure the quality and documentation of your IT processes at a high level. The life-cycle starts with the decision to purchase and, covering integration and IT-operation, goes through to disposal and replacement of the system.
The ICS IT Life-Cycle-Management is process-driven, i.e. the fault-free and high-performance operation of your IT structures is what our Managed Services like IT-procurement, provision, maintenance, disposal and proactive controlling are focused on.

Technical Consulting

Technical consulting in the area of managed services for IT environments offers companies valuable support in the planning, implementation and optimization of their IT infrastructure. By working with experienced consultants, companies can benefit from in-depth expertise and best practices. The Technical Consulting team analyzes the individual requirements of your company and develops tailor-made solutions to improve the efficiency, security and scalability of the IT environment. Comprehensive consulting services provide companies with strategic direction and support in technological advancement in order to effectively achieve their business goals. 

Repair Services

With our repair services, we are at your disposal in the event of downtime or machine defects. Whether industrial printers, mobile computers, barcode scanners, panel PCs or kiosks: you benefit from reliable repairs with short turnaround times and a permanent contact person for your repair services. Thanks to our 5,000 square meter high-bay warehouse near Frankfurt am Main, we can meet your needs quickly and flexibly and also handle larger orders for you without any problems. 


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Healthcare Services

In the area of "Healthcare Managed Services" we offer comprehensive and highly specialized services for the optimization and harmonization of processes in the healthcare sector. Our expertise and our infrastructure enable both established participants and companies planning market access in Germany to successfully master the diverse challenges of the local market. We are a relevant partner, especially for foreign medical and pharmaceutical companies. We support you with your market access in Germany and offer consulting services in areas such as data management, logistics and billing with doctors and health insurance companies.


Find out how customers benefited from our Managed Services:

Kodak Alaris reduced costs with full managed services for kiosk systems in Europe from ICS.

Managed Services

Cost optimization through managed services for MDE and receipt printers.

Managed Services

Security in the sanitary and building services wholesale trade through Managed Services.

Managed Services
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